Hi my name is Wayne and welcome to my website. I graduated back WP_20150214_036in 2005 from the University Of Cape Town as a Educator and begin to teach individuals the fundamentals of computer technology.

From a young age I had a passion for computer repairs and made it my mission to learn whatever I could about how computers and all these gadgets work.

I bought my first computer back in 1995 which was a Pentium 1 and yes was I proud because that was my very first piece of real estate bought from my  very first paycheck.

And as the years passed by I bought computers upgraded them and later sold it. I gained a lot of experience during the years which I will be sharing with you.

The reason for starting this website is to create a community of people so that we can learn as much as possible from each others.

To our common success.

Founder of Techspotsolutions.com