World’s Fastest Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard

Pictek with Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard

First of all here is the explanation of mechanical feel, actually this mechanical feel gaming keyboard is not mechanical but feel is just like a mechanical keyboard. One might wish to have fully programmable, anti-ghosting, efficient and responsive keypads while playing games. Pictek is a gaming keyboard with all the above-specified features.

Let’s see all the statics of gaming keyboard one by one. This is an anti-ghosting with 26 keys and multiple shortcut keys. As you, all have a comprehensive knowledge regarding the anti-ghosting feature that now you can press 26 keys simultaneously. The gaming enthusiast can play and win the games when this specific facility is available.

As there is a claim that Pictek is just like a mechanical keyboard so meant it. There are 5 Macro G-keys (G1-G5) and these are customizable as well. Yes, Pictek is developed with 105-keys which give strength to macro keys. One can surely change backlight in 7 different modes. The Brightness level is adjustable with shortcut Fn+pg up/pg dn.

For long gaming sessions, backlighting is not the only facility which is introduced but detachable wrist and palm rest can also be seen. Nowadays, comfort is all about palm and wrist rest. The design of this gaming keyboard is perfect in terms of durability, comfort, and customization of keys.

The high-quality Silica gel is ejected which provides a comfortable hand feel. Another imperative trademark is clicky sound which means one is able to play games without creating disturbing sound against pressing keys. Pictek with Mechanical Feel includes never-fading keycaps which mean the lights never get dim and you can continue without anxiety.

The Pictek mechanical feel gaming keyboard comes with a life span of 10 million keystrokes which ensures durability. Keycaps can easily be removed. As far as our deep experience applies this is well designed, perfectly matched gaming keyboard which strengthens gaming capabilities of gaming devotee.

Logitech Orion Spark G910 Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard

Let’s target the Logitech which is a company and a name of quality computer peripherals. This Brand has introduced us to hundreds of gaming keyboard and Orion Spark 910 Gaming Keyboard is one of these. The G910 is heavily designed for the gamers. Most of the time we do have a complaint that we lost the game because pressed keys could do the job done. The Orion Spark has fulfilled this specific problem by featuring Romer-G technology for registering the keys with little actuating weight.

A considerable thing is Logitech mainly focus on quality, performance, and design. Yes, design is magnificent with the glowing G910 and Big G logos. There are 16.8 millions of colors which are changeable for presenting the elegant view to the gamers. Personally, I don’t like Macro keys but my likes and dislikes don’t really matter and Orion Spark is fashioned with 5 G-keys on the side and 4 G-keys on the upper side.

The most inspiring feature with G910 comes is Arx Control App through which in-game data is easily accessible from your smartphone or tablet without intervening your currently in-process game. This gaming keyboard is not specifically designed for the gaming enthusiast but for the music devotee as well. The Orion Spark has volume control wheel, mute/unmute key, play/pause and so on.

Lastly, Logitech empowers this gaming keyboard with two years of warranty. Above all this just go and download Logitech Gaming Software and customize the keys and in-game moves according to your own ease and comfort. I recommend Orion Spark G910 to the people who are average playing games.

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