Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse Set under $50

Whether we are business men or women, students or caregivers we all have our own personal preferences regarding comfort-ability, style, and customization. This leads us to this wireless ergonomic keyboard and mouse sets that we’ve researched, giving you a broader look inside each of these keyboard and mouse sets.



Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

The Wave Combo MK550 uses a powerful 2.4 GHz wireless receiver that connects up to 10 meters (30 feet) in distance so you won’t be stuck at a desktop doing your daily tasks.


This wireless keyboard can be used as a media center for quick access to keys like browsing, volume control, fast forward and accessing the camera. No technical experience is needed to install the mouse and keyboard.


The one unified receiver connects both the mouse and keyboard saving you more USB ports for connecting other devices. The wave designed ergonomic keyboard gives you access to a more precise typing which ultimately leads to a more comfortable typing experience.


Save on battery cost which is one of the most expensive additions for operating a wireless keyboard and mouse set. With this wireless ergonomic keyboard and mouse from Logitech, you would not have to worry about replacing batteries for a couple of years. Battery life for the keyboard can last up to 3 years and for the mouse up to 2 years depending on frequent use.


The wireless contoured laser mouse is designed with rubber side grips and a smooth accurate cursor control which can be used on almost any surface.


• Plug and play keyboard and mouse set
• Cushioned palm rest for extra comfort
• Powerful 2.4 GHz connection
• Up to 10 meters in connection distance
• Long lasting battery life
• Laser mouse with accurate cursor control


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Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

Anker’s Water Resistant and Whisper Quiet Keyboard is integrated with a cushioned palm rest to reduce typing fatigue. Like most new keyboards this keyboard is also featured with one touch hot keys for instant access to you most used functions.


The water/spill resistant design keeps your keyboard from damage against that unplanned coffee or water spills. The ergonomic keyboard has an automatic power saving mode which gets triggered after 15 minutes of inactivity saving you on battery costs.


This keyboard with its whisper quiet keys will enhance any typist typing experience. The DPI settings of the mouse can be adjusted at three levels for your choosing. Even the buttons can be programmed to your specific need but you will need to download these drivers from Anker’s website (http://www.ianker.com/support/98ANWPSS-K1M1A ).


One unified nano receiver connects the keyboard and mouse saving you precious USB ports to connect other devices on.

• Sleek profile with ergonomic palm rest
• Programmable wireless mouse
• 2.4 GHz frequency
• Water/spill resistant keyboard
• 3 Adjustable DPI level


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Check out these 3 wireless ergonomic keyboard and mouse sets and let me know what you think about it. You might also want to look at this long range wireless keyboard and mouse sets or if you need a keyboard and mouse set with a different color then you should read my review on these Pink or even this white keyboard and mouse sets. Please share this article with someone you know who also might find it helpful.


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