Wired Keyboard with Touchpad for Professionals

I had to show you this wired keyboard with touchpad that I just received. I found it after searching numerous brands of keyboards that I could find and even checked out mechanical gaming keyboards just to try to find a keyboard with the right touch and feel. I found this keyboard at Amazon and waited several days to get it.


Wired USB Keyboard with Touchpad

Wired Keyboard with Touchpad

First, the layout is exactly what I wanted, as it includes the number pad. The keys are nice and soft, and no clicking sounds on the keys. The touchpad has exactly the same feel and layout as on my laptop, and the backspace button is nice and large (just what I wanted).


I even had it backlit for those days in my home office when I didn’t feel like turning on the lights. There two USB’s on the side of the keyboard which is rather useful as well. Honestly, I cannot say anything bad about it; I’m in heaven and I’ve had it for two weeks now usually by now I might have found something I didn’t like, but I haven’t.


What I would have wanted is the delete and inserts keys to be switched, because it’s exactly a bit bigger than what I’ve wanted it to be but I just noticed I can find the delete key easily without even looking. Excellent!!!


My other keyboards were the IBM wired keyboard with touchpad (which keys wore rather quickly off and the letters on top of the keys magically disappeared I had to replace the most common keys a few times already). I have not yet found another keyboard like this one.


• Backlit with white LED
• Built-in touchpad
• 2 USB ports
• For industrial and professional use



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Wired Touchpad Keyboard

Wired Keyboard with Touchpad

This is a relatively small keyboard with keys that are a bit cramped together which can be expected from a small keyboard but I’m not using this keyboard every single day. It’s mostly all the time in my tool bag when I need it for quick use. This small size keyboard fits nicely in my tool bag and doesn’t take to much room. Keeping in mind that keyboard is only 11″ wide (about the length of a piece of paper.)


You will notice that some general keys are doubled up and accessed by a special function key. For example to access END or HOME you have to press Fn and Left Arrow or Fn and Right Arrow. The F11 and F12 keys are also accessed by Fn-F1 and Fn-F2 for example.


The touchpad works fine and there are multimedia keys above it to access pause, play, volume up, volume down and mute.


Yet like previously said this is a nice small keyboard and it makes a great tool to carry around in a tool bag when you don’t want to carry a separate mouse and keyboard around.


• Smart touch technology
• 4 Multimedia hot keys
• Compatible with Windows 7


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Wired Keyboard with Touchpad

Wired Keyboard with Touchpad

This was one of my first Touchpad keyboards and was in daily use for a long period over for over 1 year, so has proved to be very reliable. It was bought for ergonomic reasons while the touchpad has helped with elbow and shoulder problems over time.


I recently gave this keyboard to my wife, because her laptop’s touchpad had stopped working and would have cost a small fortune to get it fixed.


Comparing this keyboard to a convention keyboard the layout of the keys seems more cramped together; some mainly used keys are also smaller than the conventional keyboard. Regardless of the cramped keys which certainly takes a while to get use to, this is a good ergonomically keyboard that replaces two wires with one USB connector. Also, there is no need to install special drivers to get it working.


• Very portable
• Built-in wrist rest
• Build-in Glidepoint touchpad
• High-quality membrane


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