Why These Professional Headsets Are Easy on the Ears

Noise Cancellation features are typically one of the most important aspects of having to own one or two pairs of professional headsets in your collection. A good quality headset should have a combination of the following aspects, good quality, unique design, strength, top notch noise-cancelling features, reasonable price, warranty and it must be versatile. Most modern headphones come with basically all these features mentioned in this article.

Here I will break down  the top 3 Professional Headsets with noise cancellation features plus a special headset for kids.


Bose QuietComfort Professional Headset With Noise Cancelling Features


The Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise Cancelling Headphone is designed with pure perfection in mind. No matter if you like to travel while using headphones or in the office the Bose QuietComfort Headphone will be the perfect fit for you.


Specs for Bose QuitComfort Noise Cancellation Headphone


– Great noise reduction levels
– Powerful sound
– Lightweight and comfortable fit around the ears
– Inline mic / remote for controlling your music or calls on Apple devices.
– Outstanding black or white color tone.

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The Bose QuietComfort Professional Headset gives you the ideal deep, powerful and balanced sound so you might enjoy your music at the best levels possible.


Because of the lightweight design, traveling with these headphones seems like a walk in the park.
The stitching is of good quality while the covers are made of durable, strong heavy duty plastic. These over the ear style headphones with its magnificent noise cancellation features is a world class product compared against other professional headsets.


The cord is reasonably thick and should be able to resist most wear and tear.You will even be able to choose from the over ear style or the in-ear style, depending on your needs.


It is manufactured to work with your iPhone, iPad or iPod. It is also compatible with most of the Apple products on the market today. No need to worry about fiddling with the ear cups to position it every time you turn your head because it is designed to rotate for a fine-tuned fit.
The Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise Cancelling Headphones comes with a carry case for easy traveling so that your professional headset is protected at all times.


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Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition Over-Ear Headphones – Black


The Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition Headphones is made with luxury and style in mind. The premium over-ear headphones are perfect for professionals who like to enjoy long sessions of music while relaxing in the comfort of your chair.


The padded leather headband gives this headphone a unique touch at a reasonable prize. Sennheiser is extremely popular for their good quality sound and innovative ideas. The open back headphone was first designed by professional headsetsSennheiser back in 1968 and is still making waves with their new products.


When buying the HD 598 Special Edition Headphone, you’ll be provided with two cable options, 3 meters and 1.2 meters and a 3.5mm adapter plug.


This Special Edition Headphones is made of high premium products and use aluminum voice coils to deliver premium sound. The Sennheiser HD Headphones are compatible with almost all audio devices namely computers, phones, and tablets.


What’s in the box?


The HD 598 SE
– 1 Pair of HD 598 SE Special Edition Headphones
– 1.3m Copper cable
– 6.3mm Straight plug
– 1.2m Audio cable
– 3.5mm Adapter Plug


The HD 598
– 1 Pair of HD 598 Headphones
– 3m Copper cable
– 6.3mm straight plug
– 3.5mm Adapter plug


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B&O PLAY by BANG & OLUFSEN – Professional Headsets


The BeoPlay H8 Wireless Professiomal Headset is so uniquely designed it has the perfect match for style and functionality. You’ll have the option between wireless or corded. Battery live while using it wireless will last you up to 14 hours while listening to your favorite sounds.


The aluminum touch interface which is situated on the right ear cup gives you full control over your music and phone calls. At a weight of 255g, the BeoPlay H8 ANC Headset is one of the lightest noise cancelling headphones and deserve a place in the top 3 professional headsets on the market. With its unique controlling feature, you’ll be able to control everything professional headsetsfrom the ear cup simply by turning it up or down or back and forth.


Even if the noise-cancelling function is turned off you’ll be able to hear the deep clear sound that is intended for you to listen to.


With the perfect combination of the finest components such as anodized aluminum and natural leather, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite songs for hours at a time.


What’s in the box?
– 1 Pair of BioPlay H8 Wireless ANC Headphones
– One rechargeable battery
– A micro USB cable for charging
– Flight adapter
– 3mm Jack for corded use
– Carry Pouch


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Good Quality Headphone For Kids – AmazonBasics



These Headphones is designed for kids from 3 years old and older. It is lightweight, comfortable and colorful in design. The adjustable strap that is made of good quality plastic ensures for a perfect fit.


The sound output is limited to 85 DB to ensure for a safer listening experience for each kid.
The AmazonBasic Headphone for Kids comes with a universal plug which is compatible with computers. laptops, tablets or cell phones. It also comes with a color combination of green and blue or pink and orange. The AmazonBasic Headphones for kids is also very compact and portable for easy traveling.


Product Description

– Lightweight, comfortable and colorful
– Sound safety of 85 DBGood Quality Headphones
– Compatible with most electronic devices
– Variety of colors




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Comparing the top 3 professional headsets with acoustic noise cancelling features I have came to the conclusion that according to quality, prize and versatility the Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise Cancelling Headset is not only good quality but is also worth every penny.


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