White Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth

While more than 90% of keyboards come in black it is actually no surprise that white keyboards especially a white wireless keyboard is less expensive than a black or colored wired or wireless keyboard. If we think about it in terms of the fewer a certain product is made, then shouldn’t it become more expensive? Well, maybe not in cases like these where some stuff like keyboards actually becomes more inexpensive due to the fast growing technological advances.



Another fact that I discovered and hopefully did you discover this also is more and more companies focus on wireless technology for (a) to reduce clutter whether it is at your work station or in the kitchen where you prepare the dinner (b) to manufacture products at a price tag that everyone can afford and (c) to be more environmentally friendly. This leads us to have a look at these white wireless keyboards and why it is so much more inexpensive than the majority of keyboards.



White Wireless Keyboard for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac

White Wireless Keyboard

This ultra slim keyboard from Anker is made from durable harden plastic and uses up only 2/3 of space than that of a traditional keyboard. Thus giving you more desks space and reduce clutter. A traditional Bluetooth connection is used to connect the white wireless keyboard with your computer. Pairing the keyboard with the computer is very straightforward and should take you less than 2 minutes setting it up.



While this keyboard from Anker is almost similar to Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard the key’s is much more substantial and key spacing is much better. Typing on this whisper quiet keys will definitely enhance your typing experience especially when someone is dictating while you are typing.



Battery life is much shorter than this white wireless keyboard and mouse combo set which battery life last up to 6 months between each charge (depending on the frequency of use). With at least 3 million keystrokes before the keys start to lose maximum productivity you can be confident to have a wireless keyboard for many years.
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This is what you will receive in the box:


• Anker Ultra Light White Wireless Keyboard
• 2.3 Ft micro USB charging cable
• Welcome guide
• 18 Month warranty


Let’s have a quick look at the specs.


• Ultra thin and compact wireless Bluetooth keyboard
• Up to 3 million keystrokes
• 6 Months battery life before recharge
• Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac
• Low profile Matt finishes enhancing typing experience
• 18 Month Warranty


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In conclusion, I would like to point out that you won’t be able to connect this white wireless keyboard straight to your computer through the USB port because it is only made for charging the keyboard. Ultimately this is a good reliable keyboard, relatively small and lightweight makes it even more practical and portable. Here are two more keyboard articles that you might be interested in, the Long Range Wireless Keyboard and the Pink Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set.


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