Top 6: Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard 2017 under $50 – For Students

Even if you are on a budget and looking for a cost effective gaming keyboard then rest assured we’ve roundup some of the Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard 2017 for under $50 for you to start gaming. Whether you’re just staring out adventures with online/offline gaming you need a gaming keyboard that suit your budget and style.

  1. Redragon Karura K502 Gaming Keyboard


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First on the list is the Redragon Karura Gaming Keyboard. It is one of the best cheap gaming keyboard with a104 key chiclet membrane style. This membrane keyboard produces a similar typing experience of a laptop keyboard. It has 19 role over keys, 7 backlighting colors, braided cable and gold plated USB connector. The Redragon Karura is a great alternative to the Razer DeathStalker.

Interesting features for a budget keyboard is the interchangeable keys, 4 LED brightness levels and engraved letters on the keys for extra durability. This cheap gaming keyboard is made from durable ABS material for prolong lifespan and weights about 1.3 ponds. A budget friendly keyboard that also gives you a lot of features at an affordable price.


  1. TOMOKO 87 Key Water-Resistant Gaming Keyboard


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The TOMOKO mechanical keyboard is a cheap gaming keyboard  but it has great features like master blue switches, 87 anti-ghosting keys, Fn shortcuts for easy access to multimedia keys such as play, pause, calculator and e-mail. It can also endure up to 50 million keystrokes.

The highly precision blue switches provide typist, gamers and programmers satisfying audible feedback on all keystrokes. Typist can also perform tasks much faster and more accurately. Gamers can enjoy full control over games with precise movement control and faster actuation.

The TOMOKO Water-Resistant cheap Mechanical Keyboard is made out of ABS matte finish material. It has two rubberized feet for a better typing experience and two drain holes on the bottom of the keyboard to help drain accidental spills of beverages faster. In the event of accidental spills, it is recommended to drain the keyboard and leave it for a couple of hours to dry. A complimentary key puller is also offered when purchasing the TOMOKO 87 Key Water-Resistant Mechanical Keyboard.


  1. Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard


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Number 3 on our list of Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard 2017 is the Logitech G105 Gaming keyboard. It features blue backlighting,  six programmable G- keys which can be configured with up to 18 unique functions per game including single key presses and complex macros. This gaming keyboard also features anti-ghosting so you will be able to press multiple keys at once without any interference. It also has a windows disable key which is great for gaming especially if you accidentally switch to windows mode.

Build quality is very robust which can be expected from Logitech. The G105 cheap Gaming Keyboard is made out of plastic with a matte finish. It features custom key caps for the WASD and directional keys which is a great addition while the top portion of the keyboard is black and the bottom half red. On the back it features two rubber stands near the front of the keyboard and extended legs which will give you an inch raised.

It does feature blue backlighting and comes with two brightness levels. However they aren’t as bright so the room has to be pretty dark for you to be able to see the backlighting clearly. Overall this is a very solid gaming keyboard and the fact that it’s made by Logitech means that you can depend on the quality of the keyboard.

  1. Razor Death Stalker Essential Gaming Keyboard


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The Razor Death Stalker keyboard does not come with any backlighting so this may be a bit of a throwback for many people; however you can get the expert version that comes with green back lighting for around fifteen dollars more. But like we said, we are listing the best cheap gaming keyboards for you! The DeathStalker has a flat design which features fully programmable low key cap chiclet keys and anti-ghosting.

It also has a gaming mode which basically disables the windows key so you don’t accidentally press it while gaming. The keys are plastic with a matte coating. Razor makes one of the best gaming keyboards and the Deathstalker is no exception given that you don’t care about LED lighting.


  1. Azio Levetron L70 LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard


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At number 5 on list of Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard 2017 for students we have the Azio Levetron L70 with features such as backlighting and even an on and off switch. Unlike other gaming keyboards the Azio has a mix of matte and gloss finish that doesn’t leave any finger marks. The design itself is very nice and even has a volume adjustable knob in the right upper hand corner.

This low budget gaming keyboard doesn’t offer features such as RGB, dedicated macros and Cherry MX blue or red keys but for this reasonable price you’ll get a best cheap gaming keyboard with detachable wrist rest, multi key rollover and blue backlighting for increased visibility. The Azio L70 supports Windows 7. 8, Vista and comes with one year warranty. I would personally recommend the Azio Gaming Keyboard for persons who just starting out gaming and are looking for a gaming keyboard without the fuss at a reasonable price point.


  1. EagleTec KG011 Mechanical Keyboard

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The EagleTec KG011: our number 6 and last Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard 2017 has a build quality which is superior to most under 50 dollar keyboards. This all-aluminum brush look keyboard comes in different colors to choose from. Beneath the keyboard are two pull out feet and two rubber feet for better typing experience and to prevent the keyboard from slipping in all directions. The cable also has a nice length to it and even though it is not braided the cord can last a long time due to it thickness. One drawback of the EagleTec is that it doesn’t have a wrist rest for typing or gaming fatigue.

This budget friendly keyboard uses cherry MX blue switches usually made for typing, though it can also be used for gaming. These Cherry MX blue switches have a good tactile bump to it but needs a bit more actuation force for the keys to register. While on the point of keys, all the 104 key caps are made out of double shot molding for longevity. Both WASD and arrow keys can be replaced for specific functions whether for typing or gaming.

The EagleTec KG011 uses blue LED backlighting for night gaming which can be adjusted up to 10 different brightness levels. Overall expectations of the EagleTec are great. It has a sturdy build, cherry MX blue switches, double shot injection molded key caps, switchable WASD and arrow keys. Additionally this gaming keyboard supports Windows 7, 8, 10 operating systems.

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Why should you choose between a membrane and mechanical keyboard? Membrane keyboards will always be good for typing regular documents. However, mechanical keyboards are proven to have a significant edge for both a better typing and gaming experience. Not all gaming keyboards have the same features like these Best Cheap Gaming Keyboards 2017 under $50 we’ve reviewed above. We hope this has helped in your gaming keyboard decision making.  We want to provide gamers with information to ensure a better gaming experience at a reasonable price.