Top 5: Budget Mechanical Gaming Keyboards for Students 2017

The Top 5: Budget Mechanical Gaming Keyboards for Students which we’ll review below are not only affordable but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it’s been tested and received excellent reviews.

With the shopping season around the corner, we tend to go all out on a highly addictive shopping spree without considering price or quality of our newly purchased items. Even though it is human nature buying on sudden impulse it is also important to keep an open mind and doing some research before spending your hard earned cash on expensive gadgets so you don’t have to return it on a later date due to manufacturing defaults.

Velocifire VM01 Mechanical Gaming Keyboards with Brown Switches

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The Velocifire Mechanical Keyboard is a cool inexpensive gaming keyboard. The shape is somewhat on the average style but comes with a touch of military look and feel to it. With the slight black Saturn finishes to it so it won’t leave any finger marks.

The standard 104 keys keyboard has a nice font design (more rounded) on the keys which make it a bit more recognizable as from your normal keyboards. Unfortunately, the Velocifire VM01 doesn’t have any flip-out feet on the bottom of the keyboard.
The LED brightness is controlled by the function key and arrow key while the function and scroll lock keys change the pattern of the LED.

The keycaps are made from double shot injected molds (gaming keyboards like Razer, Logitech and Corsair use these double shot injected keypads) which will never fade away. The brown switches have a minimum weight of about of 50g with tactile feedback of about 2mm, thus giving no audible feedback while pressing a key.
• Anti-Ghosting keys
• 12 Multimedia controls
• Mechanical brown switches
• Greenish LED Backlit
• No drivers needed
• No wrist rest
• No flip out feet

E-Element Mechanical Gaming Keyboards:

Eagle Z-77 with White LED

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If you are looking for a fast responsive high-grade gaming keyboard then you better check out the E-Element Mechanical Eagle Z-77. The E-Element is made from top grade ABS and metal materials for a very sturdy and robust feeling.

It also has a nice matte textured finished to it reducing the possibility of fingerprints. The characters on the keycaps are laser engraved for long term use. The E-Element Eagle Z-77 mechanical gaming keyboard is compatible with different operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and even Mac OS X.
The keyboard also features 87 anti-ghosting keys with N-key rollover. Each key is controlled by an independent switch allowing for a better and faster response time. The custom blue switches give a more resistant free actuation of 0+0.2mm for a short keystroke travel. With 9 kinds of lighting modes to choose and options to select specific keys to individually light up or put it in off mode.
• Key shortcuts and ergonomic design
• Custom mechanical switches
• 87 Anti-ghosting keys
• Audible click sound
• No swappable keys
• No wrist rest

E-Element Mechanical Eagle Z-77 RGB LED Backlit Chroma Keyboard

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Unlike the E-Element with white LED, the Mechanical Eagle RGB Backlit Chroma Keyboard is made with a very solid construction and an attractive black aluminum finish. The keyboard also features shortcut keys for easy access to the calculator, volume control, e-mail and web browsing. Furthermore, gamers will love the stepped keycaps making the design of the keyboard more ergonomically sleek for gaming fatigue.
The E-Element Backlit Chroma Keyboard produce has good tactile audible feedback consisting of a 60+/- keystroke force. With the double shot injection molded key caps these keys have a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes. Custom features include key-by-key color customization with 5 brightness and speed settings. E-Element does make very good mechanical gaming keyboards.
• Anti-ghosting with N-Rollover key
• Detachable wrist rest
• 9 Modes RGB Backlighting
• Stepped Keycaps
• Keycap and Switch Remover
• No USB Pass-through

HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo (2016)

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The HAVIT Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is ideal for students or gamers who is looking for budget mechanical gaming keyboards. HAVIT which is already a household name is selling this combo deals in two different colors: black and white. The keyboard consists of 12 multimedia keys for easy access to function like volume control, e-mail, browsing and home.

The Windows key can be disabled for gaming while the WASD keys are interchangeable. A nice feature that they introduced into this budget keyboard and mouse set is the splash-resistant design with drain holes at the back for that unfortunate coffee or water spills.
The mouse, however, is light weight and requires no additional software to operate.

The mouse has a nice design to it while operating with 4 color breathing lights: red, blue, purple and pink. Even if you just not in the mood for a specific color you have the option of the light-off mode.
• Inexpensive gaming keyboard and mouse combo
• Multimedia keys
• Interchangeable WASD keys
• Splash resistant design
• Membrane keyboard
• Keyboard is not compatible with Mac OS

EagleTec KG010 Gaming / Office Mechanical Keyboard

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Like most budget mechanical keyboards the EagleTec Mechanical Keyboard has all the features for you to get started gaming or typing. Not only is the keyboard specially made for gamers but for typist as well. The EagleTec is made of heavy duty aluminum and ABS construction that can stand up to almost anything you can throw at it.

With drain holes on the back, this inexpensive mechanical keyboard is made to withstand the average water spills. For the perfect typing experience, you’ll be able to adjust the rear feet at the back of the EagleTec.
The mechanical switches are designed for quick responsiveness and greater durability. The blue LED backlit make for a razor-sharp lighting effect for those who like to game at night. The mechanical keys have a nice audible click sound and tactile feedback to it. Custom effects on the blue LED backlighting can be adjusted to your liking: brightness, breathing mode and on/off.
• 104 Double shot injection molded keycaps
• 100% Anti-ghosting
• Switchable WASD and arrow keys
• Spill Resistant
• Razor sharp LED backlit
• No USB Pass-through
• No wrist rest

Final Thoughts

These budget mechanical gaming keyboards above like the HAVIT keyboard and mouse are an excellent starting point for beginners while the Velocifire gaming keyboard with brown switches and the E-Element Chroma Backlit Keyboard is an exceptional choice for pro gamers on a budget. For multi-tasking, I would suggest the EagleTec KG010 Gaming/Office Mechanical Keyboard. You can also read our review on these inexpensive gaming keyboards like the AULU Sapphire Gaming keyboard and the under $100 Mechanical Keyboards.