Multimedia PC Speakers – Your Top 3 Options

Wired Multimedia PC Speakers has come a long way since the introduction of computers. Even the first speakers were built right into the desktop computer itself along with the built in monitor. Through the years, the multimedia PC Speakers evolved into wired and wireless.
Some companies even took at a bit further and introduced Multimedia Speakers that is waterproof. Through the years wired and wireless Multimedia PC Speakers became more affordable, more powerful and more popular. Here we will break down the top 3 choices of the best-wired multimedia speakers.


Mackie CR5BT CR Series Channel Studio Monitor.

The all-new Mackie Multimedia Monitor Series convey studio-quality sound and design. The Mackie Multimedia Monitors is extremely desktop friendly and comes with a compact design that is very affordable for each user.
The all-wood design comes with a powerful built-in 50-watt amplifier, precision design high-frequency Waveguide that delivers sound with nothing less than Multimedia PC Speakersexpected.


The Mackie Multimedia PC Speakers took the desktop audio experience to the next level.


With a mix of great parts and astonishing quality the Mackie, Monitor Speakers is the answer to sound and video experts who’s being searching for smaller desktop speakers but with amazing sound.
The Mackie Multimedia Monitors Speakers consist of two series the CR3 and the CR4.
The Creative Multimedia Monitor Speakers comes with a 1/8’ RCA stereo cable for connecting you PC’s audio output straight to the monitors.


There is even an option to connect your cell phone directly to the front of the monitors with the 1/8’ cable that you’ll receive in the box when purchasing the Mackie Multimedia Monitors. You’ll also receive a 6’ cable to connect the right speaker to the left speaker.


The specific dimension of the Mackie CR3 series is 11.5 inches x 8.5 inches x 15.3 inches. Another custom feature of these desktop speakers is the ability for you to decide on what side the volume button should be placed.
The CR4 lets you easily stream music from your cell phone, PC or tablet with its build in Bluetooth enabled device.


M-Audio AV32 10-Watt Professional Studio Monitor Speakers with 3-inch Woofer (Pair)


The AV32 Studio Monitor Speakers is brought to you by M-Audio. The M-Audio AV32 comes with 10- Watt output per channel with a built-in amplifier. The cabinets are made from MDF board which eliminates the robbing of resonates.
The AV32 from M-Audio provides crystal clear sound with its two-way design Optimage 1V Waveguides. Delivering extensive bass for these desktop speakers.


The built-in headphone output lets you enjoy listening to music or playing games without any interruptions. The M-Audio AV32 Monitor Speakers is compatible with your cell phone, tablet or computer.
The 1- inch ferrofluid-cooled silk cone tweeters give a clear high tone. The Multimedia PC SpeakersAV32 comes with a front panel volume control for easy access whenever needed.


Gaming systems,DJ equipment and many more can be connected by using the RCA inputs.

The stylish black vinyl limited finish is a great fit in color for any equipment.

The M-Audio AV32 is great for gaming, watching movies or listening to your favorite music.


Genius SW-G2.1 2000 2.1 Channel 45 Watts RMS Gaming Woofer Speaker System


The company Genius is recognized as one of the best computer brands and has made some significant strides towards Gaming Speaker Systems. The new Genius SW-G2.1 2000 2.1 Channel 45 Watts RMS Gaming Woofer Speaker System is one of their latest additions to their artillery.


This baby is designed for gamers in mind and comes with a powerful total of 45 watts output (RMS). The satellite speaker comes with a hook design that can beMultimedia PC Speakers mounted on any wall.


Adjustable bass and volume control that is positioned on the front of the sub woofer for easy access.
The cabinets are made of ultra-rigid MDF wood for a rich clear bass.


The Genius SW-G2.1 Gaming Woofer is designed to fit minimal desktop space. Connecting the Genius Woofer Speaker System is easy and comes with inputs stereo RCA, 3.5mm primary and 3.5mm auxiliary inputs, as well as 3.5mm, head phone jacks.


Multimedia PC Speakers


Not only were the Genius SW-G2.1 2000 Gaming Woofer Speaker System build to give you a better gaming experience but you will also be able to get the best sound while watching your favorite movies or listening to your favorite music.


With the versatility of the Gaming Woofer, you’ll be able to connect PC, tablet or phone in a matter of seconds.
Final Note: While reviewing the three Wired Multimedia PC Speaker Systems you’ll notice some degree of difference between them and be able to buy on what suits you the best.
My Recommendation: The Mackie CR5BT CR Series Channel Studio Monitor is relatively the better choice according to price, design and ultimately sounds.