Most Comfortable Headsets for Skype

Microsoft incorporated new features for Skype where people now can call directly to mobile phones and even landlines using Skype. With this new feature, you can even watch Youtube video’s without leaving Skype. Using this new Skype option you’ll need to have Skye credits or a subscription to make calls. First you need to sign in to Skype hit the call phone option, select your destination, dial the number and press the call button.

The market is full of unscrupulous companies that promise you the best in headsets for Skype while their only intention is to sell you, inferior models. In this article, I’ve research a couple of Headsets that not only has the means of making a great product but the price tag will also suit your pocket.


Logitech Clearchat Comfort/ USB Headset

Most Comfortable Headsets for Skype

The Logitech Clearchat Headset is one of the variables on the market and gives awesome comfort and sound stability during use. In most cases installing this headset is done automatically regardless of the Operating System that is in use.


Comfort and Support

The well crafted extra padding adjusts to you for a comfort fit. Measuring at an about 8 inches from the top of the headset to the bottom of the earpiece this headset will fit almost any size of head whether (big or small).

When it comes to cleaning equipment we all seek a device that is easy to clean.

Well cleaning the Logitech Clearchat Headset is easy to clean, just take a damp cloth, Lypsol Wipes or a paper towel and wipe the padded parts with it. Just make sure to damp the cleaning tools so that water doesn’t run into the earpiece.


The noise cancelling microphone reduces the background noise and it can be adjusted by swinging it out of the way if not needed. Reduce or mute the volume with the In-Line Volume and Mute Controls.


• Padded headband and Earpiece for extra comfort
• Rotating Microphone with noise cancelling features
• Plug and Play for easy installation
• Compatible with most Operating Systems
• In-Line Mute and Volume Controls for easy access
• Adjustable Headband for a better fit
• Easy to clean



• You cannot adjust the microphone from the left-hand side to the right
• The Logitech Clearchat Comfort Headset is not wireless


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Logitech Clearchat is Perfect for:

The Clearchat Comfort Headset from Logitech can actually be used as an multipurpose gadget. So if you are looking for a headset for gaming but don’t have the budget to spend for a decent gaming headset than the Clearchat Comfort USB headset will fit the need.

Sennheiser Culture Series Wideband Headset


The Sennheiser Wideband Headset comes with a 6m long wired cable for extra flexibility. A convenient plug and play headset and it even works on Windows 10. Comfort, style, plus features like answer/end a call, volume control; redialing and reject a call is all build into this Wideband Headset.


The dual sided headset makes it convenient to adjust the noise cancelling microphone from the left to the right or visa vice. Although the Sennheiser is a bit small it gives a clear crisp sound output through its large ear pads.


Installing the Sennheiser can be a daunting task especially if you are not a computer geek. Let me explain how to install the Sennheiser Wideband Headset.


Installation Guide
– Go to the Control Panel Of your computer
– Then you need to select sound
– The Sennheiser headset should be selected as the default sound  option
– Then click the properties button
– Select the enhancement tab
– Disable all enhancements
– Finally, save changes


• Easy installation using the USB connector
• Large ear pads for extra comfort
• Lightweight and very durable
• Dual-sided wearing style
• Multiple call control features for easy access
• Speech clarity through the Noise Canceling Microphone



• Obviously not headset for gaming
• Not a plug and play Headset

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The Sennheiser is perfect for:

The Sennheiser makes an excellent headset for Skype, listening to music and watching movies. The multipurpose functionalities make it an extremely versatile headset for productivity in the workplace.


Plantronics Audio USB Multimedia Headset


If you don’t like to be constrained to your PC than the Plantronics Audio USB Multimedia Headset could be an excellent choice considering the 40-foot wireless range away from your computer. The elegant adjustable headset with extra-large ear cups will give you extra comfort and a perfect fit for longer gaming sessions.


Get Super Sound

The dual 40mm speakers deliver crisp clear sound with a rich bass that will leave you breathless considering that this headset is wireless. Sound performance using Skype can be a nasty experience with some lower end headsets but with the Plantronics USB Multimedia Headset, you’ll receive astonishing sound clarity.


Muting the headset only requires a person to lift the microphone up and it instantly mutes. The Wireless Headset from Plantronics uses a USB dongle that you install, and then the Headset pairs with the USB Dongle before any sound can be heard.



• Wireless connectivity using a USB Dongle
• Connecting of up to 40-foot between the headset and computer
• Extra large ear cups for longer gaming experience
• Crisp clear sound with a rich bass
• Noise-canceling microphone eliminates the static sound received through Skype
• Compatible with any Computer or Mac



• Non-rechargeable batteries
• USB cable for charging the batteries does not have audio (you need to finish charging before use)

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Overall Conclusion

While the Sennheiser Wideband Headset is definitely a great product with all the much-needed features with just a push of a button it only makes perfect for Skype and internet phone calls. The Logitech Clearchat Comfort USB Headset can be used for both gaming and Skype but with a bit of inferior sound quality.

If you like being free from wires than the Plantronics Audio USB Multimedia Headset with crisp sound, rich bass and 40-foot wireless range should fit your needs perfectly.




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