Long Range Wireless Keyboard and Combo Sets

The best investment I made in years is this long range wireless keyboard. For what it’s worth I don’t regret a single moment investing in a gadget that will not only last a good number of years but now I have that flexibility to move around the house and still am able to do some typing from across my room (and we have a really big sitting room, and this is the place where I do all of my work related stuff). As a matter of fact, I am typing this article with this same wireless keyboard while sitting way across the room. So let me introduce to you the one’s I’ve researched and why I have chosen the one’s I did.



Logitech Long Range Wireless Keyboard

Long Range Wireless Keyboard

Firstly I needed a keyboard that was easy to setup and didn’t want a keyboard that I constantly needed to chance batteries. To be honest I have bought a few wireless keyboards in the past but what I found out was that in less than a week I had to replace the batteries which as you can imagine added up far more than the price of that specific keyboard.


Secondly, it needed to be a compact design with all the necessary keys available on an instant and I did not want another keyboard that loose connection during an important assignment.


All the above-mentioned features I found in Logitech’s Wireless Keyboard with even some extra’s that made it even more worthwhile:


• Plug and play (set and forget it)
• Wireless range of up to 33 feet without losing connection
• Go without changing batteries for up to 24 months
• 8 Hotkeys for instant e-mail, website browsing and pause and play
• Compact design which makes it very light


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Long Range Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Long Range Wireless Keyboard

This wireless mouse and keyboard was also one that I researched and hopefully get this one in the near future as a present for my son when he passes his exams (just a token of my appreciation).


This keyboard and mouse looks and I can image feels more classy than the one I bought for myself. By the looks of it might take a bit of practice to get used to it due to the more technical aspects of this long range wireless keyboard and mouse, but if you are a technical savvy personal than you won’t have many problems using it.


Using this keyboard and mouse combo could even have a bit of an advantage to those who constantly have to do presentations in the boardroom.


What I do like about the mouse although I haven’t bought it is the fact that you can connect it to your TV while using simple hand gestures for browsing, listening to music or playing movies while relaxing on your sofa and eliminating clutter. So let’s have a look at some of the features:


• The mouse can be used to work on the desktop and in the air
• 2D Motion sensor technology
• 104 Key Low profile keyboard
• 100 Feet RF technology without line in sight limitations
• Hand gestures to control applications


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Logitech Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo

Long Range Wireless Keyboard


Yet another wireless mouse and keyboard combo set that should be on anyone’s wish list (already on mine). This is a more ergonomic design with a full-size keyboard and easy to carry sculpted mouse.


What I love about Logitech products is the simplicity installing the products. Just like this long range keyboard and mouse combo set whether you are technically savvy or just starting figuring out how the stuff works then this will obviously be a no brainer.


As we grew more knowledgeable about the technical side of computers then I suppose we will be looking at products like Mechanical Keyboards with Macro Keys and cool gaming mice with excellent DPI. This is one keyboard and mouse combo set that will suit anyone’s budget and comes with features like:


• Plug and play setup
• Long range 2.4 GHz wireless connection
• Up to 10 meters in connection range
• Up to 15 months of keyboard and 5 months for mouse use without battery chance
• Compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7.


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Check out these three long range wireless keyboard and combo sets that I researched above and let me know what you think of them. Don’t forget to share it with someone that might also find this article helpful.

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