Fire HD 6, 6″ HD Display Review

The Fire HD 6,6” starts at a reasonable price at amazon. This is technology at a reasonable price and comes in 5 vibrant colors to choose from. The ultra portable 6-inch fire HD is light and portable and can fits easily in your wallet when traveling.

When comparing the 7-inch with the 6-inch the 6-inch is not all that powerful like it’s big brother but at a price that is affordable for most it’s a winner.

Fire HD 6


The Fire HD 6,6” comes with a powerful quad core processor which runs up to 1.5 GHz so that u can easily watch movies and play really powerful games without the lack like some tablets.

These cores also comes with 2 lower 1.2 GHz cores which makes it run simultaneously for optimal load balancing. Launching apps is a breech for this small gadget.

With it’s crystal clear display it let you watch excellent picture quality in high definition. It features an amazing 1280×800 high definition gorilla glass display which is strong as well as light. With a 8 gig on board storage space you can download apps and games to your liking.



It also comes with a 2mp rear camera for high revolution pictures to capture that memorable times. For video chat or to take a selfie it has a build in front facing camera perfect for your streaming needs.


This small pocket size technology comes equip with a 1080p HD video recorder. Perfect for creating video’s.



Never run out of storage space for this tiny gadget comes with unlimited amazon cloud drive. It even comes with free storage for amazon content.

It’s unique feature let’s you watch movies or television shows straight from the device to your big screen with just a touch of a button.With free and unlimited apps kids will stay productive all day long.

It’s amazing how many features this baby have like Amazon Maps, profiles that you can share with family and friends, parental control with amazon free time and much much more.



Needless to say who do not want a powerful tablet with excellent picture quality at a reasonable price which can fit into your pocket while traveling.

Battery life lasts up to 8 hours long depending on your personal needs like playing games, watching movies or just read some e-books.


Comes With a Variety Of Colors

The Fire HD 6 comes with many colors to choose from  for example white, black, citron, cobalt and magenta. These colors is not like your average washed out colors but it’s got a nice gloss finish to it.


My Personal Opinion

This is a very good buy for someone that needs a good reliable tablet without the fuss of getting stranded with the big toys.