Cost Effective Smartwatch – Top 5 List

O my word, a  Smartwatch that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. For less than $100 you will be able to wear one of these, some even cost less than $50. Yes, I’ve just revealed the secret for less than $50 you can get one of these smartwatches today.

A9 MTK2502A SmartWatch


This smart device/watch can be very helpful if you are in need of fitness tracking features and smartphones notifications. The A9 smartwatch can connect to any iOS and Android smartphones using Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity in order to bring you your most important notifications,from Social Media Groups like Facebook, what’s app, SMS, incoming and outgoing calls and much more.


The MTK2502A smartwatch works with the Mediatek mobility application so you can configure the notifications, which is a very Cost Effective Smartwatchsimple app, so don’t expect too much from this watch, but you can expect good functionalities for the low price, besides notifications.



The A9 Smart fitness watch can track your daily movements like jogging, walking distances and sleep function, and the best part of this A9 Smartwatch for this low price is the heart rate monitor. If you are in search for a high powered Smartwatch then Gear S2 From Samsung would be the obvious choice.



Another cool feature is the gesture control; you can control any outcome by shaking your wrist for different actions like answering incoming calls, navigate through pages or decline incoming calls. It can also be used as a remote for your camera and playlist, the device is available on



A9 MTK2502A Smartwatch

A low budget smartwatch with more than enough advanced features like gesture control and a heart rate monitor,




DZ09 Single SIM SmartWatch


This smartwatch with Sim Card Reader can work as a standalone phone so you will be able to make phone calls directly from the watch. The DZO9 Smartwatch has a built-in mic that makes this feature possible.


Please note: The DZ09 smartwatch is only compatible with Cost Effective SmartwatchAndroid smartphones using Bluetooth connectivity; it can also act as your fitness device by tracking your basic activities such as steps walked and quality of sleep.





With a 1.56 inch display, this device is embedded with a 0.3 MP camera, you will not get quality photos, but that’s a nice addition for this low price, you will also be able to remotely control your phone’s camera and find your smartphone using the DZ09. The company’s software in not reasonably performing well, but for this low price, these are good functions you could have accessible on your wrist.



DZ09 Single SIM Smartwatch


This smartwatch can be your standalone mobile phone and fitness tracker.




Haier Iron Smart Watch


The Haier smart watch comes with a 2.5D Gorilla glass, making it the best to have with your list, this smartwatch also can track your daily activities, steps taken, distances and sleep activity. Syncing this Cost Effective Smartwatchwatch with your IOS or Android device you’ll be able to receive incoming call and notifications directly from your Haier Smartwatch.



Very nice features of this device are the fact that it is waterproof, well, only splash proof.


Please note: don’t immerse it in water. You can also use it as a remote, voice recorder, stopwatch, alarm, stopwatch and more. It is also provided with a 0.3MP camera for some pictures, not some good ones! But for this low price, you will definitely be satisfied.



Haier Iron Smartwatch


Great features for a low price.




GV18 Aplus Smart Watch


This GV18 watch can act as your own pedometer (counting each step you take through motion detectors) and monitor your sleep activity, It can also work as your silent alarm and remind youCost Effective Smartwatch through gentle vibrations, you can also use it to remotely stream music or control your Smartphone’s camera.



It is unfortunate that the Aplus Smartwatch is only compatible with Android devices.


Functionalities of this smart device include making and answering calls directly from your wrist. It can also act as a standalone device because it is equipped with a Sim card slot.



GV18Aplus Smart Watch


Can be used as a phone, but only for SMS and phone calls




U8S Waterproof and Bluetooth Sport Watch


The U8S Rose Red acts as a Pedometer tracking steps taken and sleeps activity. With the anti-lost alarm function, you would not need Cost Effective Smartwatchto worry about losing your Smartphone. It will automatically alert you if you are outside a certain device of your phone.


This watch also comes with a Remote camera and receive calls and messages directly to your watch.


A water resistant watch for under $50, which is compatible with any Android device 2.3 and above.



U8S Waterproof and Bluetooth Sports Watch


The smart Sports watch that is dedicated more to fitness and activities.




Hope you enjoyed this list and don’t forget to order your Smartwatch.

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