Cooler Master Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

For many first-time buyers, the price of so-called gaming peripherals will likely be a bit daunting because let’s be real, there are a ton of options out there that feature RGB lighting, dedicated media, playback buttons, extra programmable macros, extensive software suite and the list goes on. But what about folks who don’t want or need any of these add-ons or you know they would rather prefer a simpler inexpensive no-nonsense peripheral which will still feature a few gaming-centric features. I think the Cooler Master Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo will exceed your expectations.


Here is a new combo pack from Cooler Master it contains both a keyboard and mouse. It’s priced reasonably which is similar to the price point of these top 5 gaming keyboards and can also be considered a more advanced version of cooler master’s iconic devastator combo.

Key Switches

One of the most interesting additions to this combo is the so-called Mem-mechanical switches that Cooler Master uses on the keyboard. Mechanical switches are all the rage these days which is and they come in different forms like Cherry MX Brown Switches on Corsair Gaming K70 and the list goes on.

The tactile dome foundation at the bottom provides tactile feedback with the minimal noise level, on top of that sits the steady support housing that holds the key caps and finally the transparent plunger that allows the LED lighting to shine through. Sounds simple right, taking a look at a true mechanical switch like in this case Cherry MX Blue there are a lot of more components working together to get the satisfying actuation and linear feedback.

These switches are more durable and my personal favorites I have to admit Cooler Master has done a pretty good job with their mechanical switches. My first impressions were that if I was typing on a plastic switch because of the sound it produces.

Minimal force is required for actuation to take place and furthermore, I noticed if I press the key about ninety percent down it wouldn’t register until I give it an extra push, because the plunger has to hit the tactile dome located at the base.

Life Span

Whereas on a mechanical keyboard, when the key is about fifty percent down it registers right away.  Now with normal typing force, I didn’t experience any skipped keys while writing a script or gaming, except a few occasions if I need to access certain weapons pressing the appropriate key while focusing on movement. Gaming can be tough so remember to fully press the key, the life cycle of these switches are set to be about 12 million which is almost a quarter of the expected life cycle of a traditional cherry MX mechanical switch.

It will make a huge difference at the beginning but they will eventually start to wear out over time but on the positive side, the switches are water-resistant. That will avoid all possibilities of water damage compared to a mechanical keyboard. This also brings me to the next point programming:

For example, the Corsair STRAFE RGB has dedicated driver software where you can assign multiple profiles which can be accessed right away. Whether that’s in game 4 while doing something more productive the Cooler Master Keys life, on the other hand, doesn’t come with any driver software. So programmable keys are completely out of the question but at least Game assignment is an alternative option. RGB is slowly starting to emerge into a budget gaming market. With built-in backup control effects like the speed area and the direction, all these can be accessed via the function key. This is what actually differentiates it from the regular keyboard.


Lighting is consistent throughout the board only when you look at it from a top angle otherwise as you can see light struggling to shine through the keycaps because the LEDS are too deep on the circuit board, that’s underneath the rubber dome.  These layers of light bounces back and forth to produce the nice ambiance within the keys but compared to the street RGB it’s another story.

The multimedia controls are built into the function keys and there’s a Windows Lock button but that’s about it. If you want dedicated macro buttons or other features you should be looking at these mechanical keyboards for gaming.


The body is fairly well built and given the thick plastic chassis with its noticeable flex but it’s nothing to be worried about. Cooler Master hasn’t got too many corners to make a properly functioning keyboard but you get adjustable razors to angle the keyboard at your convenience. The UV coated keycaps are compatible with cherry MX Themes and I like the texture on these. There is also a dedicated number pad for those who work with a lot of numbers and overall I think it’s a solid package for the price.

As for the included mouse, it’s lightweight and features the imago 3050 optical sensor that can only go up to 2,000 DPI which for many would be enough for basic gaming. For casual use the size is a bit too small for my hands and its not ambidextrous which are a bit odd given this is a combo that targets beginners. Cooler Master should have made it accessible to as many people as possible.

There are six buttons including the primary left and right, forward and backward. On the left side scroll, button and a deep gash button behind it provide excellent tactile feedback and it doesn’t require a lot of pressure to press. I was surprised at how well defined the scroll steps where and to be honest I enjoyed gaming on it. You can tell that there’s a single LED lighthouse within the shell rather than multiple lines. You can change the lighting effects by pressing the DPS share button and the right click button.

Final Thoughts

And so my concluding thoughts on the masterpiece from Cooler Master Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo are that you’re getting a fantastic all-in-one package at an affordable price. The keyboard is far superior to a typical membrane keyboard and while it doesn’t feel like typing on plastic switches there is proper key travel distance and close to perfect tactile feedback. It’s certainly not going to replace standard mechanical keyboards or my white fox because I’m spoiled by mechanical switches.

You will experience the durability and the perfectly tactile response that comes out of this. The included mouse surprised me a lot while the sensor is accurate and I love it. The switches are excellent and given the lightweight body it complements the keyboard. I recommend this Cooler Master Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo to someone looking to build their first gaming PC.

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