Comparison Between The Desktop Computer And The Laptop

Comparison Between The Desktop Computer And The Laptop

Did you know that the very first computer is called a desktop computer? The desktop computer is in serious competition from mobile and miniature competitors like the laptops, notebooks, tablets and Smartphone’s.


But the “lesser brothers” cannot always replace a full-fledged “big” computer. In this article, we will discuss the important aspects that have desktop PC.


Currently, there are many games and programs, which demand a more powerful desktop PC.The laptop often overheats when entrusted with a massive load.It also provides better cooling of its “internal” powerful ventilation system.


Inside the computer, there are many coolers: the power supply, video card on the processor. This keeps the desktop computer cool enough and it is less prone to, rather than the component parts of the laptop.



Even when there is a failure of any element in a desktop computer, then its replacement is made cheaper and simpler than laptops. Accessories to selected desktop are easier to get and items are usually standardized.


Picking up items for notebooks is much more difficult, and they can cost a lot more than desktop PCs. Since desktop computers – electronic computers, built on the block principle (each device is a separate unit), then the repair will cost less than what adjustment works on a laptop.


Repairing a desktop is much easier than a laptop and most people will be able to repair it. While a laptop sometimes needs a highly specialized person to repair it. Replacing RAM, worn DVD drive, broken hard drive, and so on – all this is much easier than with a laptop.




For normal desktops, computer upgrade procedure is not too difficult because they usually provide a few free slots.Memory cards can be expanded as far as the number of slots and allows bit operating system.

You’ll usually get up to 3 or more empty storage bays for additional hard drives.



Home desktop computers can be equipped with additional hard disks for maximum space for people who like to play games.
With the ability to install really big monitors (over twenty inches in diagonally) you can comfortably view movies, edit photos, and videos, play games, and generally engage in creative activities related to the processing of graphical information.



Music lovers will enjoy high-quality sound with the desktop computers by buying the relevant external speakers. You can even arrange a kind of a home theater or recording studio.
They even come in various designs and colors that will fit your need. With multi colored led lights the desktop computer lights up like fireworks.

I hope that the article was interesting and useful. Thank you for your attention.