Baby Monitoring Systems For Deaf Parents

When it comes to parenting we put a great deal of effort into caring for our infants watching them taking their first step and speaking their first word. Unfortunately, it is impossible for all us especially parents with hearing difficulties to hear our kids cry at night, but with this baby monitoring systems for deaf parents it will be possible. Will it not be rewarding to watch over our infants with the help of the latest tech available on the market? A device that we can use to record these precious moments that only happens once in an infant’s life.



Well, no need to look any further because we’ve already done all of the research for you so you’ll be able to concentrate on the most important person/s in your life.
These Baby Monitoring Systems for Deaf Parents that can connect to your phone using your home network, easy to install and capture those precious moments. If you’ve been looking for something unique for a device that connects to an LCD screen apart from your phone, we’ve also got that covered.


HD Wireless Baby, Security Surveillance, and Pet Monitor


Let’s face it why would we settle for one device if we could get a device that has multiple features built into it. This baby monitoring device that can be used as a surveillance system and a pet monitoring system (read the review of the best interactive pet monitoring systems here).


This 3 step installation monitoring device can even link to your Baby monitoring systems for deaf parentssmoke detector, gas detector and window and door alarm system. Installing the HD Wireless Baby Monitor:
1. Power on the monitor
2. Download and install the baby monitoring app
3. Add the monitor/camera to the list (watch the live feed)
The built-in two-way communication system can be used to connect to your family and friends using the monitoring system as a webcam device. This cool looking tech gadget with the 720p real-time live streaming and HD night vision comes with an SD card recording storage unit make it even more convenient to store recordings for later use. Let’s have a closer look at the HD Wireless Baby, Security, and Pet Monitor features:
• Easy to install (3 step installation guide)
• Wireless connection with 720p with night vision and 120-degree rotation
• Connect to your smoke and gas detector for peace of mind
• Baby, pet and security system
• Simultaneous user viewing for communicating with family and friends
This affordable baby monitoring system will help you keep an eye on your precious love one of the valuable assets while at work or taking a short nap. Note: make sure that your cell phone has enough battery life available so you won’t miss any unexpected events.


Best Video Baby Monitor with 7’’LCD Screen



This Video Baby Monitor device comes with a beautiful 7-inch color LCD screen to watch your infant in full size. Easy installation right out of the box, with customer support if you should need further assistance. With a night vision interface, no movement will pass by.


The baby monitor has built-in sleep mode that can be set to auto dim allows the display to turn off while the audio interface is still active. The Baby monitoring systems for deaf parentsbeautiful bezel designed display allows the baby monitoring LCD screen to blend into any room for that custom look.


This patented technology also comes with a two-way talking feature so you’ll be able to talk to your baby while you are relaxing in your room.
• Two-way communication channel
• 7-Inch LCD display
• Sleep mode (audio will still be active)
• Blends in with any room
• Volume controls feature
This Video Baby Monitor will make an excellent gift for mommies with newborn children. An excellent baby monitoring system for people with hearing difficulties so you’ll be able to keep an eye on them. Note: The LCD screen needs to be plugged in at all times otherwise you won’t be able to monitor your baby.




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The Only Webcam With Mic Resources You’ll Ever Need

Most laptops and many computer screens come with an built-in HD Webcam with mic, but for those people who don’t have a built-in webcam, we’ve found 3 high-definitions USB webcams all with built-in mic. These affordable webcams from Logitech are packed with cool features and awesome capabilities, most offering better resolution than a built-in device and more tools to help you create the type of video or picture you could ever ask for.
In fact, a new USB Webcam with mic are so much better than many built-in webcams that some of us prefer to disable our on-board webcam and use one of these dedicated cams.


For obvious reasons, many companies are parting from dedicated webcams and instead installing their devices in monitors and laptops. In this review, we’ll be looking at 2 of Logitech’s webcam base that is still doing reasonably well in the marketplace.



These cameras tend to be relatively cheaper than the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 that will set you back a few hundred dollars, but they still have most of the capabilities that you need to perform your activities.


This review on Logitech’s Webcams we will be focusing on Webcams that will cost you less than $50.


Logitech HD Webcam C525


With the collapsible design, you are ready to take your webcam with mic everywhere you go. With the 720p auto focus lens, you will be able to make widescreen video calls to loved ones and friends. With a simple click you’ll e able to upload videos and pictures to Youtube and Facebook.
Most dedicated webcams are plug-and-play ready, but occasionally some of them do come with additional software to install. Most webcam with michigh-end Webcams that comes with this additional software will let you perform video and photo editing.



Benefits of Logitech HD Webcam C525


• One clicks video and photo uploads to Facebook, Twitter or Youtube
• A full 360 degree swivel rotational camera (catching that important moment)
• Edited your video’s and photo’s with Logitech webcam software
• Capture stunning photo’s with the dazzling 8MP camera
• The fold-and-go feature let you safely store your webcam in a bag and carry it anywhere
• Logitech’s Fluid Crystal Technology gives you smoother video motion and sharper images
• Plug and play for easy installation



Negative Aspects of the C525


• Comes with a plastic lens
• Manually download the latest Driver’s from Logitech’s website for better video quality




Logitech HD C525

A fold-and -go with a 8MP camera



Read my review on the Logitech C920 HD Pro



Note: Computer hardware plays an important role in collaboration with the functions such as video and picture editing. Internet speed plays an important role in video streaming through your webcam, so make sure that you have a capable internet stream for Skype or other video streaming applications otherwise a webcam with mic can be your worst enemy.



Logitech C270 Widescreen HD Webcam


The C270 Webcam with mic and its universal design gives you the ability to mount it on any laptop or LCD Screen. Clearer sound and richer colors are essential for Skype or any other video streaming applications.
The always focused lens of the Logitech C270 Widescreen HD Webcam comes with a 3MP plastic lens which may not be as clear aswebcam with mic the Logitech HD Webcam C615.


The automatic light correction gives you the ability to chat even in dimmed rooms by adjusting the webcam’s lighting feature.


Benefits of the C270 Widescreen HD Webcam


• Plug and play feature for easy installation
• Built-in mic reduces background noise when Video Calling
• Universal design for easily mount the webcam on any laptop or LCD screen
• Share videos through the 16:9 wide screen lens
• Fluid Crystal Technology provides for a smoother video motion and a clearer sound



Negative Aspects of the C270


• Picture quality not so great (3MP)
• Don’t come with a one-click upload to Facebook or Youtube
• Don’t have a Tripod Ready Base Platform
• Plastic Lens





Logitech C270 Widescreen HD Camera

One click upload with Tripod Ready Base Platform




Logitech C310 HD Webcam With Mic



With the C310 you’ll not just get a smooth video experience through live chat but the built-in mic have an astonishing noise reducing ability. Positioned on the front of the webcam is a built-in mic so your friends can hear you in a much clearer voice.


As you know that time is an important factor in any business and webcam with micthat’s why you’ll be able to save a lot of time using the one click app to upload photo’s to Facebook or Youtube in a matter of seconds.






Benefits of Logitech C310 Web camera


  • Webcam with mic that works with Skype or any other live stream application
  • Smooth video calling with HD 720p live streaming
  • A 5-megapixel camera for snapshots
  • Plug and play feature

Negative Aspects of the C310


  • Don’t have a 360 rotating camera
  • Inserted with a plastic lens
  • Not an exactly wide screen video calling



webcam with mic

Logitech C310 HD Webcam

Low cost webcam that work with any live streaming application




Things To Consider

When buying a USB web camera it is important to consider all aspects of rotating, lens specifications, and video and picture quality.
Video files can take up a lot of free Hard Drive Space especially if you are running a Youtube channel. That is why it is extremely important to at least have an external hard drive on hand to store your important data on.




All of these webcams come with really good features with just a few minor differences. While they all have plastic lenses the C270 have an always focused type 3MP camera and C525 comes with an 8MP Premium Focused camera. With only a few dollars in difference, my pick would definitely be the Logitech HD Webcam C525.

Home Security Alarm System – Fortress Range

In one of my previous articles Clever Anti-Theft Alarm Systems, the focus was mainly on alarm systems without wireless functions. Well in this featured article I’ll be reviewing the Fortress Wireless Home Security Alarm System. Generally, we would expect to install an alarm system especially if it is wireless that you would need a professional security company to do the setup. In fact installing the Fortress Wireless Alarm System can be done by even a novice.

The Fortress Range

The Fortress D.I.Y. Security System comes in various packages to choose from, ranging from the:

  • Fortress Security Store Window and Door Contact Sensor,
  • Fortress Security Store ™ GSM-A Home Security Alarm System,
  • Fortress Security Store ™ GSM-C Wireless Cellular Home Security Alarm System, etc.


Get more info about this products here



Features of the Fortress Home Security System


The D.I.Y. Home Security Alarm System comes with a fully programmable main unit and sensors. With the Fortress S02-A Wireless Home Security Alarm System, you’ll receive 2 motion sensors and 5 window/door contact points.

Even with a power failure, this Home Security Alarm System will continue to work with its 8.4 V rechargeable battery.
With the Fortress S02 you have a choice of using a Landline or VOIP when an alarm is triggered.


The system is programmed to dial up to 6 numbers when an intruder is detected in or around your house. By dialing the programmable number on your Smartphone you will automatically hear if any intruders are inside your home.


Tips on Installing an Alarm System


Before drilling holes for the alarm sensors I’ll suggest that you test all the sensors in different locations to get the best alarm sirens as possible. You don’t want to drill holes and then note that the sensors are too far apart or too close to each other because this could lead to a false alarm trigger.
If you are living in a house with multiple windows and doors then Home Security Alarm System - Fortress Rangeyou should consider to buying extra alarm sensors and motion detectors for a full security setup.
Please read the instructional manual carefully it will give you a better understanding of how the setup can work to your advantage.


What’s Inside the Box of the Fortress S02-A Wireless Home Security Alarm System?


• You’ll receive the main controller unit with automatic dialer
• 5 Door/Window contacts
• 2 Passive motion detectors
• 1 Alarm with an 110db volume
• 2 Keyfobs for automatic activation/deactivation of the alarm system
• 1 Panic Button for emergency
• 4 Alarm wiring stickers to put on your windows and doors
• 1 Power supply

Buy it now at



The Fortress Range makes a really smart passive security system that can be remotely operated. If you are not in a position to afford a security company monitoring your home than this Fortress Home Security System will be the perfect product on a small budget.

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Interactive Pet Monitor – Top 3 Choices

If your pet suffers from anxiety for being all alone in that big house than you should probably read on. If you’ve been searching for a wireless interactive pet monitor to communicate with your pets while you are out shopping or at work than I’ve got just what you need.

As a pet lover, we must ensure that we take responsibility for our pets by giving them all the love and attention.

Be a Responsible Pet Lover


Just imagine how lonely he/she would be especially without a companion to keep him/her busy. Now imagine how excited he/she will be if they could see you through an Interactive Pet Monitor Cam.

In this article, we’ll be investigating the top 3 Interactive Wireless Pet Monitors which could boost your furry love one’s self-esteem.


Petcube Interactive Pet Monitor

This stylish 4x4x4 inches cube with aluminum housing is a perfect little gadget to speak and watch over your furry loved ones. Imagine him hearing you through this Interactive Wireless Pet Monitor winking his tail excited to hear your voice as you watch him/her through your cell phone.


The Petcube is not just great for watching over them but it is a clever little device for exercising your furry loved ones while you’re not even home.


How Does This Petcube Work?

The Petcube uses a free Petcube app that you install on your phone to interact with your pet. The Petcube app lets you also share photos of your pet with friends and loved ones. As mentioned the Petcube app is free to download for any Smartphone.

Interactive Pet Monitor

This Interactive Wireless Monitor has a built-in laser toy which you can operate with your cell phone. This harmless laser toy also function as an exercise instrument that shines a laser from the cube that you can control in different directions for your pet to play with.


Basic Features of the Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

• The wide angle lens lets you view live HD video’s remotely
• You can speak and hear your pet through the built-in 2 Way Audio  stream
• Give your pet the necessary exercise with the built-in harmless laser toy
• Capture and share photos and videos with the free Petcube app with family and friends

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The Petcube Interactive Wireless Pet Monitor was built by pet lovers for pet lovers. Never miss a dull moment with your pet.


Pawbo Wi-Fi Interactive Pet Monitor Camera

While most Pet Monitor devices only focus on interacting with your pet, the Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera took the Wi-Fi Pet Camera to the next level. This awesome device even has a Pet Treat Dispenser. Why not treat your furry friend to a little reward for good behavior.


How Does Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera Work?

Watch your favorite pet friend through an 720P HD live streaming from anywhere with the use of your Smartphone. The Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera is compatible with most Smartphones like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, an Android 4 and above is required for a connection to the Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera.

Interactive Pet Monitor
With the free Pawbo app, you can instantly download your videos to Dropbox for safe keeping or to access it at a later stage.
An active pup is a healthy pup, and to keep your pet friend healthy the Pawbo has just the feature to accomplish that.


With the build-in laser dot chasing game, you will be able to give him a good workout while doing some errands.


Reward him/her with some snacks from the build-in treat dispenser.


Key Features of the Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera

• Get an ultra wide 110-degree camera view of your pet
• Take stunning video’s and picture with the 720P HD camera
• The built-in two-way communication lets you talk and listen to your pet/pets
• The built-in laser game is an excellent way of keeping your pet active
• The built-in treat dispenser gives you the opportunity to reward him for his behavior
• The free Pawbo app gives you the opportunity to share video’s and pictures with anyone

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While most pet cameras only allow for one-way communication the Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera lets you communicate both ways(speak and listen) to your pet. And with the extra treat dispenser who would not love to get one.


Petzi Treat Cam

While the Petzi Treat Cam is similar to the Petcube and Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet camera it supposed to have a two-way communication channel. The Petzi Treat Cam only have a one-way communication channel and let you only communicate with your pet(you won’t be able to hear him).

Interactive Pet Monitor
The Pet Monitoring Device (Petzi Treat Cam) also has a treat dispenser build into it for rewarding your pet with just a click of a button from your smart phone.
While the Pet Treat Dispenser is a bit on the small size for big dogs it makes a nice dispenser for smaller animals like a puppy or a cat.


Connecting the Petzi Treat Cam to your smartphone is a breeze with the free Petzi app.


Key Features of the Petzi Treat Cam

• One way communication channel with your favorite pet
• Built-in dispenser lets you reward your pup with some treat
• Excellent video and picture quality
• Free secure app to connect with your pet

Buy it now from


Final Thoughts

My overall decision of these pet monitoring devices would be that all of them have an excellent track record. The main key feature that all of them have is to spend time and keep an eye on your favorite pet.My obvious choice in picking one of these Pet Monitoring Devices would go to Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera.


Wireless Home Security Systems for Renters

Spending thousands of dollars on wireless home security systems for renters may sound like the perfect choice but what if you don’t have the budget for it. A cheap security system for renters can work just as well if not even better than a thousand dollar alarm system. In actual fact, thieves expect you to install the high price ticket home security system so they can easily monitor you from any location.



Statistical Data of Home Burglaries


Statistics shows that every minute four home burglaries take place that is every 15 seconds. Over 60% is forcible entry and 30% gain entry through an open window or an unlocked door.

According to research from the Department of Criminology and Justice most thieves avoid homes with security systems. A combination of cheap clever anti alarm systems is all that you need to scare off potential burglars gaining entry into your home.


In this report, we will have a look into cost effective but also clever home security systems for renters and home owners that will protect your valuable assets from burglars.



Fake TV Burglar Deterrent


This Fake TV Burglar Deterrent makes your home look occupied while you are not at home. The Fake TV is relatively easy to use, with a simple one switch operation. Don’t let the word fake scares you off, the Fake TV Burglar Deterrent will fake the potential burglars into believing that someone is watching TV.


This cheap yet but powerful anti-theft alarm system uses an adapter to simulates the light of a 27-inch TV screen. The super bright LED’s can fill a home security systems for rentersroom with thousands of possible color shades making the home look occupied.


The different settings make it possible to let it automatically switch on or off or you can set it on an external timer to select specific times when you need it to turn on or off.


Recap of the Fake TV Burglar Deterrent


  •   Simple to use, just plug in and forget
  •   The thousands of LED lights make the house looks occupied
  •   It simulates the light of a 27-inch LCD TV
  •   Cheap but effective home security system for renters


Buy it from


This small product really does big things.


Vic Tec – Wireless Doorbell Security Alarm


If you need a refreshing doorbell with an amazing renters security system than the Vic Tec Wireless Doorbell is one of the best home security systems for renters or home owners. Affordable and easy to install. Just stick it with double-sided tape on any door or window or use the anchors and screws to mount it on any wall.


This 4-1 Wireless Doorbell Alarm system has it all. This small wireless device is installed with a motion detector, emergency light, calling buzzer and burglar home security systems for rentersalarm. With 36 built-in ringtones, you will be able to choose the best tone to your liking.


The operating range of this small wireless doorbell security alarm is not less than 100m in distance.


The strong signal has a long distance range and can even penetrate walls. The very sensitive and intelligent motion detector can detect motions from up to 5m.


Key Features of the Vic Tec Wireless Doorbell Renters Home Security System


  •  4-I Security system, doorbell, alarm system, motion detector and calling buzzer
  • No need for electricians, DIY installation
  • Can be used as an emergency light when electricity goes out
  • Very robust and strong to withstand corrosion
  • Automatic switch for when it is getting darker



Buy it now from


An alarm system calling buzzer, emergency light and doorbell



Canary All-in One Home Security Device


This innovative gadget is not only a security system for your home but it can also monitor air quality, home temperature and humidity home security systems for rentersto help you stay healthy as much as possible. The built-in motion detector will be able to scare off any burglar with it’s powerful 90+ db siren.


This home security system for renters uses intelligent notifications so you’ll be able to receive instant notifications straight to your Android device in case of any burglary attempt.


Key Features of The Canary All-in-One Home Security System


  • Stream real time 1080p HD video quality to your Android device
  • See and hear in real time with the 147 degree angle lens
  • Monitor your home’s air quality
  • No monthly contracts
  • Plug and play ready(internet connection is required)
  • Can be used as a baby monitor

Buy it now at


One of the smartest home security systems for renters




Is it not the time to protect your home against unscrupulous burglars? Secure your home today with these Clever Anti-Theft home security systems for renters and enjoy a peaceful weekend out.