Secrets To Tablets – Even In This Down Economy

There are hundreds of tablets on the market, but which one is right for you? Whether you want an iPad, one of the many Android tablets available, or a Windows Base OS for productivity, here you will find the most important factors when shopping for a Tablet.


Secrets To Tablets – Even In This Down Economy


Choosing the Best Operating System

Just like a desktop PC, if you consider getting a tablet, you need to pick the best possible operating system according to your needs. Fierce contenders like Apple with their iPads and Android-based operating systems with so many hardware choices from the likes of Samsung, Acer, Asus, Samsung, and others. And we are constantly seeing affordable Windows 10 tablets built around Intel’s Atom processor from various manufacturers like Asus and even Acer.


Android-based tablets include support for multiple user logins so you will be able to share your tablet with your friend or even a family member. This is a useful feature that’s missing in Apple tablets (except for Apple’s Family Sharing program, which isn’t the same thing).


Windows 10 has much more to offer while experiencing a more professional computing performance, with full x86 support for all of your Windows software like VLC, Blue Stacks, Video Editor, etc. And you can even run the registered version of Microsoft Office when you decide to buy a Win 10 tablet.


What about Tablet Price?

Tablet Price will always be an issue but Android-based platforms go from low to high. Google’s Operating Systems lets manufacturers build products ranging from as little as $50 to more than $600. These products fit a wider range of niches and tastes than the expensive Apple iPad.

With thousands of bargains on the market promising to deliver the same Android experience as big names, many of these non-branded tablets are perfectly serviceable, but we recommend choosing a branded tablet you can rely on for customer software support and hardware quality control.


Secrets To Tablets – Even In This Down Economy


Screen Size and Storage Capabilities

When you’re are looking for some generous real estate and plenty of storage space few things is important to consider. The term, “7-inch or 10-inch refers to the size of the screen, and not the size of the tablet itself. 7-inch tablets are considered small screens, while 8.9-inch and 10-inch tablets are considered large-screens.


Screen resolution is one of the most important aspects of screen size, especially for eBook reading or surfing the Web. If you consider yourself an Android fan then I would recommend a 10-inch tablet with a display of at least 1,280 x 800 resolutions.


Larger screen tablets also have some disadvantages like its weight. The typical 10-inch tablet weighing almost a pound which can be very frustrating to carry around but it’s much more portable than Laptops.
When you look for a reasonable amount of storage than Cloud storage is an option for many tablets. Some of this offline storage include: (Amazon Cloud Storage, iCloud for iPads, and OneDrive for Window based Tablets), but when it comes to on-board storage, more is always better. Apps, music, videos, and photos, can take up a lot of space.


Depending on the tablet these storage capacities can be as little as 512 MB up to 16Gig on-board. Most modern day tablets have the capability to insert a micro SD card to expand the storage space up to 64Gig.


Final Thoughts

With all the different models, whether it is branded or non-branded, different operating systems like Windows based or Android we all seek a device that’s not just portable but should have capabilities to super charge our activities. Whether we like it or not tablets are here to stay.


Best Tablet for Toddlers With WiFi

When it comes down to our kids we as parents will always want to give our children especially the younger ones all the best that we can offer them. It could be education, clothes, love and care and even toys, we as parents have the ability to promise them the world. Now we can fulfill one of those promises in the form of education and a toy built into one concept, the Fire Kids Edition 7” Display with WiFi. Undoubtedly the Best Tablet for Toddlers With WiFi and Freetime Unlimited Applications for a full year.


When we decided that we should buy the Fire HD Kid’s Edition for our seven-year-old boy we did not expect much but we were wrong.


I never owned a kindle but will definitely buy own for myself in the near future, considering all the benefits that come along with it.
It really amazed me how grownups could incorporate such amazing features so intelligently into a device that could have been made for older persons into a device build for kids.

By the looks of it I could have swore that it is actually a toy but unfortunately, it is actually a real tablet only with a kid’s profile build into it.
The Unlimited Free Time Application is absolutely one major factor that brings out all the types of contents those toddlers and kids between the age of three and ten will enjoy.

With this Free Time Unlimited Application that you’ll get for a full year, your kid can enjoy reading books, watch animations, educational programs and so much more. That’s free for 365 days without any additional costs to you.


How Will Adults Benefit From The Kids Edition Tablet?

So what is in it for the adults even though this is the best tablet for toddlers with wifi? For the adults, you’ll get unlimited content to movies, television shows, educational games, apps, etc, access for a full year.

After receiving the Fire HD Kids Edition I actually thought that I had to install the Unlimited Free Time Application, but to my surprise, the Free Time Application came out pre-installed.


Protection For The Best Tablet For Toddlers With WiFi

Best Tablet For Toddlers With WiFi

As we all know that kids will be kids and one thing that are certain they will accidentally drop stuff? As a matter of fact I was surprised how strong and duration the Fire HD Edition for Kids was. After a few accidental drops on the floor, it was still working perfectly unlike my Nokia Lumia that I dropped twice and had to replace the screen both times.

According to Amazon, if the inevitable should happen and the Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet should break you may return it and you’ll receive a new one, no questions ask.


 Extra Protection With The Kids Proof Case

For even further protection the Fire Kids Edition Tablet comes with a Kid Proof Case which is designed to protect the tablet against bumps, ordinary mayhem, and accidental drops.

The case is very light and carries no additional weight on the tablet. The case got holes in just the right places, like the charger, camera, and volume button.
The Fire HD Kids Edition comes with a built-in 8 GB and 16 GB internal storage and you can choose from a 6 inch or 7-inch display.


Never Miss A Single Moment

In addition this Fire HD Kids Edition has a 2 mp rear display camera which is not all that impressive but takes fairly good pictures.

This adorable tablet with Free Time Unlimited Applications even comes with a front facing camera to take some selfie’s or video chat with loved ones.
As for parents, you will be able to upload pictures to Cloud Drive which also give you Free Unlimited Cloud Storage Space. Due to Amazon’s policy kids will not be able to post photos to social media.


Battery Life

With up to 7 hours of battery life, you will be able to enjoy the full capacity of the Kids Edition where ever you go.


Use Headphones For Audio

Want to use headphones, no problem because this tablet comes with a 3.5 mm jack and integrated speaker which will give you Dolby Digital Plus sound.


Best Tablet for Toddlers With WiFi


What’s In The Box?

1. The Fire HD 6 or Fire HD 7 tablet
2. Amazon Kid-Proof Case
3. 5W Power Adapter
4. USB 2.0 cable
5. And a Quick Start Guide


Negative Aspects

  • Mega pixels is a bit of poor quality
  • On board storage is a bit low so you need to buy a SD card for additional storage


Positive Aspects

  • Two Year Worry Free Guaranteed
  • One Year Free Time Unlimited Applications
  • Kid-Proof Case
  • Profile for Kids + Profile for Parents
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage Space





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A tablet with one year freetime unlimited applications for kids



This Fire HD Kids Edition delivers what you expect from a good quality tablet and will keep your toddler busy with more than enough educational programs so that you can focus on other stuff. This best tablet for toddlers with WiFi gets a 4.5 star rating from me out of a possible 5 stars.

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Fire HD 6, 6″ HD Display Review

The Fire HD 6,6” starts at a reasonable price at amazon. This is technology at a reasonable price and comes in 5 vibrant colors to choose from. The ultra portable 6-inch fire HD is light and portable and can fits easily in your wallet when traveling.

When comparing the 7-inch with the 6-inch the 6-inch is not all that powerful like it’s big brother but at a price that is affordable for most it’s a winner.

Fire HD 6


The Fire HD 6,6” comes with a powerful quad core processor which runs up to 1.5 GHz so that u can easily watch movies and play really powerful games without the lack like some tablets.

These cores also comes with 2 lower 1.2 GHz cores which makes it run simultaneously for optimal load balancing. Launching apps is a breech for this small gadget.

With it’s crystal clear display it let you watch excellent picture quality in high definition. It features an amazing 1280×800 high definition gorilla glass display which is strong as well as light. With a 8 gig on board storage space you can download apps and games to your liking.



It also comes with a 2mp rear camera for high revolution pictures to capture that memorable times. For video chat or to take a selfie it has a build in front facing camera perfect for your streaming needs.


This small pocket size technology comes equip with a 1080p HD video recorder. Perfect for creating video’s.



Never run out of storage space for this tiny gadget comes with unlimited amazon cloud drive. It even comes with free storage for amazon content.

It’s unique feature let’s you watch movies or television shows straight from the device to your big screen with just a touch of a button.With free and unlimited apps kids will stay productive all day long.

It’s amazing how many features this baby have like Amazon Maps, profiles that you can share with family and friends, parental control with amazon free time and much much more.



Needless to say who do not want a powerful tablet with excellent picture quality at a reasonable price which can fit into your pocket while traveling.

Battery life lasts up to 8 hours long depending on your personal needs like playing games, watching movies or just read some e-books.


Comes With a Variety Of Colors

The Fire HD 6 comes with many colors to choose from  for example white, black, citron, cobalt and magenta. These colors is not like your average washed out colors but it’s got a nice gloss finish to it.


My Personal Opinion

This is a very good buy for someone that needs a good reliable tablet without the fuss of getting stranded with the big toys.