Best Value Non Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

These days mechanical keyboards come in all shapes and sizes but most professional gamers out there are mainly interested in some features that will enhance their gaming experience. These features include anti-ghosting, backlighting, mechanical switches, profile setup (just to name a few). Yet professional gaming keyboards like the Corsair Strafe RGB Cherry and the Corsair Gaming K70 over at Amazon comes with a hefty price tag that not everybody can afford. Keeping price and features in mind we’ve found a most cost effective non mechanical gaming keyboard which include features that you would love in a powerful gaming keyboard.

1ST Player Fire Dancing Non Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Non Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Fire Dancing Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from China is a new gaming peripheral trying to get their foot in the door against giants like Steelseries, Logitech, Razer etc. The switch design on the Fire Dancing keyboard is basically the same as their previous gaming keyboard the Black Sir. This packaging looks modern and has all the basic instructions underneath the box.


The cord is 1.6m in length and like many other gaming keyboards with gold plated USB connectors the Fire Dancing Keyboard also comes with a gold USB connector. The keys are ergonomically design for a better typing experience. Comes with 7 colors to choose from (white, green, blue, red, light blue, purple and light green) for illuminated backlit. When the backlit is switched on, the lining of the keyboard lights up making it easier for typing or gaming in a not so well lit room.


Also, a very common feature in most gaming keyboards is the Windows Lock Key which is also visible on the 1st Player Fire Dancing Keyboard located at the bottom between the Fn and Ctrl keys. On the bottom of this under 50 dollar keyboard is multiple rubber feet, preventing the keyboard from slipping. Even the adjustable feet have rubbers underneath it.

Non Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The rubber membrane that’s been used inside the keyboard gives a pretty good tactile feedback and the WASD and arrow keys are interchangeable.

• Water and dust proof
• 30 Million lifetime keystrokes
• Multimedia keys
• 26 Anti-Ghosting keys
• ABS Keypads

• No wrist rest
• Keys are not individually backlit

Final Thoughts

The 1st Player Fire Dancing Non Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a decent peripheral and is available at Amazon. The overall build is very solid considering the price point. Performance wise is impressive for a rubber membrane keyboard. Customization features is a bit limited especially for gamers who wish to customize most of their keycaps for individual backlighting but once again what would you expect from a gaming keyboard fewer than 50 dollars?

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