Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under $50 2017 for Music Enthusiasts

For those who are looking for an affordable portable Bluetooth speaker to carry around to the beach, the park or even with you to work while clipping that tedious long train rides shorter with your favorite beat. We’ve rounded up the Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under $50 giving you the best sound quality, connectivity, and portability for your money.

URPower 11 Portable Wireless Speaker

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The URPower 11 Portable Wireless Speaker is a budget-friendly speaker and definitely, fits the bill at under $50. Not only is the URPower Portable Speaker ultra-rugged but also waterproof and build quality is extremely good. The speaker is mostly made out of plastic with a soft rubber layer covering the front of the speaker. A nice aluminum grill is noticeable on the front while a 20W strong driver and passive low-frequency radiator ensure a rich immerse sound.

The volume controls like volume up/down pause/play sit on top of the speakers with built-in speakerphone capabilities. Depending on the speaker volume the URPower 11 Portable Bluetooth Speakers has a battery life of up to 10 hours of play.

The side has a nice rubber flap covering ports like the micro USB charge and auxiliary port. On the bottom, you will find a nice quality grip preventing the speaker from slipping in all directions. The URPower 11 Bluetooth Speaker features the latest NFC technology for instant connection between the speaker and any other Android device.


Anker Nano SoundCore mini Bluetooth Speakers

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Probably the world’s smallest Portable Bluetooth Speakers: Anker SoundCore Nano Bluetooth Speaker. This mini Bluetooth Speaker is extremely lightweight and fits easily into your pocket, backpack or even slip it on your wrist. Build quality is extremely good with a nice metal body which goes all around this small device. In addition to the Anker Nano Bluetooth Speaker, you’ll also receive a micro USB charging plug a micro USB to aux cable and a lan yard for easy carrying.

On top is the indicator light indicating battery life and a USB charging port? The power button serves both as the power button as well as a pause and a forward button which is situated on the rear of the device. Depending on how loud you like to listen to your beats you should be able to get around 2 – 4 hours play time with the Anker Nano SoundCore Mini Bluetooth Speaker.


Anker SoundCore mini Bluetooth Speakers

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This premium build Bluetooth Speaker from Anker is available in four colors: black, gold, gray and pink. Almost all Anchor products are rated 5 stars over at Amazon so you will know you’ll be getting the best quality possible. Anchor also offers an 18-month warranty and lifetime technical support to their loyal customers.

Anker made the SoundCore mini Bluetooth Speaker as small as a tennis ball weighing less than nine ounces. It’s entirely made out of aluminum with a matte black finish that doesn’t show any finger marks or smudges when operating. The top is covered with an aluminum grill with the distinctive Anchor logo in the middle. In front, you’ll notice the rubber volume buttons representing the volume up and down and play button.

Not only is this a very cute and stylish portable speaker but delivers powerful robust sound through a 5W audio driver producing robust bass through its passive subwoofer. This device also supports FM radio, AUX and a micro SD slot for nonstop music options. With 15 hours of unstoppable music play time on a single charge, the Anker SoundCore mini Bluetooth Speaker made it on our list of Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under $50?


JBL GO Portable Wireless Speaker

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Well the JBL GO Portable Wireless speaker is one of the no fuss speakers and while it’s still a bit bulky it should fit in your hand and definitely in your purse. The build quality is as good as can expected from JBL but unfortunately, this device is not waterproof. Should color be an option then you’ll have plenty of options like black, blue, orange, pink, red, teal and yellow to choose from?

One downside of the JBL GO Wireless Speaker is the five hours play time after a full charge. On the right side, you will notice a jack charging which takes on average an hour and a half for a full charge. There’s also a mic input for your Bluetooth speakerphone. When fully charged the LED will change to blue so you will know you’re good to go.

A neat little feature of the JBL GO Wireless Speaker is the ability to take phone calls and despite having only a 40-millimeter driver sound quality is fairly good. While the JBL GO doesn’t have that much to offer it a well-rounded speaker reasonably priced for under $30.


AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Black

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Last on our list of Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under $50 but for an obvious reason one of the best Bluetooth Speakers is the AmazonBasics Bluetooth Speaker. With more than 2300 customer reviews it’s no wonder the AmazonBasics Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is probably one of the best speaker’s money can buy.

This speaker measures 7.3 inches wide, 2.8 inches tall and 2.4 inches from back to front. Every aspect of this neat little speaker is built with great care and craftsmanship. Even though the glossy black finish makes it prone to leave finger marks I don’t think that this is much of an issue considering all the benefits of this device.

Both the back and front has a very stiff aluminum grill protecting the two drivers in the front and the subwoofer at the back. The buttons at the top are extremely tactile and got a nice click to it. These buttons include the forward, rewind, volume up and volume down and just below these main function buttons is the Bluetooth LED light indicating that the Bluetooth connection is enabled.

Furthermore, the AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker can also be used for hands-free calls. There are different ways for connectivity namely Bluetooth or a 3.5mm stereo cable. The Bluetooth connectivity has a range of 10 meters while a fully single charge can last for up to 15 hours depending on the volume settings. The AmazonBasics Portable Speaker is in my opinion far more superior in sound quality and connectivity than most Portable Bluetooth Speakers under $50.


Final Thoughts

With all the portable speakers penetrating the market it gets harder to differentiate the real from the fake. These Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under $50 we’ve reviewed above is still few of the decent low-end Portable Speakers. With some spare change we recommend throwing in a pair of decent headsets to go with your newly purchased Bluetooth Speakers.

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