Best Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming – Our Top 3 Review List

If you are thinking of competitive gaming then an office keyboard just won’t cut it. Just like any competing sport, professional players need some high-performance gear to stay ahead of the pack. There is no difference in competitive gaming. To stay alive on the battlefield you need a mechanical keyboard that won’t throw a tantrum during battle. We’ve round up some of the Best Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming that includes features like dedicated macro keys, ultra responsive mechanical keys, wrist rest, 100% anti-ghosting and MOBA/FPS keycaps.

Best Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming

1.Corsair Strafe MX Red Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair has repeatedly impressed featuring a line of highly competitive gaming keyboards, for example, the Corsair Gaming K95 RGB at Amazon. This lower-priced model, maintains the same sound dependability, high performance, and unique key customization gaming enthusiast craves.

The Strafe at Amazon lacks many of the premium features of its costlier predecessors, such as lighting and coloring options and dedicated macro keys, to keep its value down, but it’s a very solid inexpensive gaming keyboard

Best Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming

Personally, the design is much better than the Chroma Blackwidow that seems to have some sort of matte finish/oil based finish to it. The Strafe, however, has a much cleaner, sleeker design that overshadows the Blackwidow. The classic finish on this gaming keyboard seems to be fingerprint resistant and don’t stain as easy as the Blackwidow. This new design comes with the new OG sails logo which you will see in the top left-hand corner of the keyboard.

The Strafe can be personalized with MX red, Corsairs Silent Switches or MX brown keys. The brown switches will give you a more tactile feedback feeling while the red and blue switches will have a louder tone when typing. Corsair included a set of FPS/MOBA keycaps with a keycap puller to customize the keys to your specific needs. Included in the package you will find a soft detachable wrist rest, reducing unnecessary strain in your joint. Each key is individually lit even though the only color option is red which matches the red background underneath the keys.

With the advantage software engine from Corsair, you will have to ability to customize lighting effects to your specific needs. These effects include but limited to fading from left to right or verse vice, scattered rain, and waves that dash back and forth.
The two LED light strips on the side of the gaming keyboard add a personal touch without jeopardizing the overall design. These LED lights come with 3 brightness levels that you can choose from.

No matter how fast you play the highly graded gaming keyboard circuitry ensures for 100% anti-ghosting with 104 roll-over keys which ensure that every key press is registered. Each key from the Strafe gaming keyboard is programmable which also gives you the option to create on the fly macros.

• MOBA/FPS Keycaps
• Multi-color dynamic RGB backlighting
• 100% Cherry MX Brown Key switches
• Detachable soft-touch wrist rest
• USB pass-through port
• 100% Anti-ghosting

• No headphone or mic pass through
• No dedicated media control keys
• Complicated software

You can buy the Strafe over at

Final Thoughts
I highly recommend the Corsair Strafe RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard to anyone who wishes to upgrade their existing inexpensive gaming keyboard for a more advanced gameplay. While this is not one of Corsairs best mechanical  keyboards for gaming like the Corsair K95 RGB the Strafe is one of Corsairs most affordable options.

2.Apex SteelSeries M800

The Apex SteelSeries M800 is a high-performance gaming keyboard with a hefty price tag. This slightly bigger mechanical gaming keyboard is a strong contender for the Corsair K95 RGB with only a few dollars apart in price. This marvel in design offers features like fully-programmable keys which also can be individually lit to fit one’s preference.This sleek low profile design with 110 mechanical keys is even equipped with a QS1 Switch.

Best Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming

Design and Features
The Apex M800 with its nicely textured plastic frame and sleek profile measures at 1.6 by 20.1 by 6.8 inches is also one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards for gaming. The high-end QS1 switch offers a 25% faster actuation than normal mechanical keyboards. To make this possible all 110 mechanical keys are laid out in a smooth low profile way to make for a smoother glide across rows retaining good key travel. To ensure that each key press is registered the Apex M800 is equipped with an N-key rollover.

With 16.8 million colors to choose from you probably have unlimited lighting effects for each key. The SteelSeries software can be programmed to have a variety of lighting effects such as colors that scatters across the keyboard, warps, pulses, waves, and individually lit keys. A nice addition to this High-End Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is the 6 dedicated macro keys situated on the left column of the keyboard which also featuring two pass-through USB ports for additional peripherals that you can connect.

The customizable keys are very responsive and the spacebar is much bigger than other keyboards, giving you more room to position your hands for the WASD keys. The mechanical keys feel almost like Cherry MX Red Switches but travel distance is less. Underneath the keyboard is swappable rubber feet to adjust the height to your preference. The M800 is also upgraded with an additional CPU so there won’t be any lag whatsoever.

Custom Profiles
You can create custom profiles with a press of a button. Instantly configure and save as many variations of lighting effects and programming them to your utmost needs. Remapping these settings can be done with a press of a button and when you change games the SteelSeries engine will automatically change settings with you.

• 16.8 Million color combinations
• Dual Processors
• Low-profile layout
• Individual key Lamination
• N-Key rollover

• A bit expensive
• Lacking build quality

You can buy the APEX SteelSeries M800 over at Amazon

Final Thoughts
This highly customizable high-end gaming keyboard comes with a high-end price but considering all the benefit such as 16.8 million colors to choose from, 2 pass-through USB ports, additional CPU and dedicated macro keys this is a worthy contender for the K70 RGB Mechanical Keyboard.

3.Logitech G810

When it comes to professional gaming, gamers are always on the lookout for gaming keyboards that provides them with extra features giving them that extra edge over their competitors. These features could include extra USB ports, wrist rests, dedicated macro keys or even docks for their Smartphone or tablets. The Logitech G810 with its sleek design, multimedia controls, customizable backlit options and friendly user interface is made for gamers, giving them that confidence for serious gaming.

Best Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming

Design and Features of the Logitech G810
This wired gaming keyboard comes without the fuss of a cheap keyboard. Not only is this great for gaming but passes with flying colors as a keyboard you could use in the office. Weighing at an astonishing 2.6 pounds, making this keyboard secured from slipping underneath your fingers. Even though the keyboard is made out of hard black plastic the matte finish give it a touch of sophistication.
One core feature of the Logitech G810 is its back-lighting.

Keys are individually and centrally lit so there is no bleeding of light between the keys. Regardless of the angle, you are viewing the keys from you will be able to read the numbers and letters without any struggle. Featuring Logitech’s Romer-G switches which actuate about 25% faster than the standard mechanical switches giving you the edge of a fraction of a second over the competition.

Logitech claims that their keys can withstand 70 million keystrokes and they are very responsive and tactile. The keyboard also has a set of 2 pop out legs which can be set at 4 or 8 degrees. Multimedia keys include Play/Pause, Stop, and Forward/Backward. There is even a handy wheel to control the volume and a Global Mute Button. Also featuring on this multimedia gaming keyboard is a disabling Windows key and a backlit button to disable the backlighting when you don’t want to use them.

The performance of the G810 is as good as can expected whether you are using it for regular work related stuff or pure gaming. Keys are very responsive and can take a beating without sticking. The 26-key rollover ensures that you don’t use multiple keys at once while performing outrages movements. This high-end gaming keyboard comes preinstalled with 300 game specific lighting profiles and there are even hundreds more to download.

Should you choose not to configure your own lighting style you may want to choose one of these three pre-programmed lighting modes: Effects, Freestyle or Zone.

For all your personalizing options you need to download and install Logitech’s Gaming Software. The process is really easy to use. Programming these function keys is relatively easy just drag the command to the specific key. Another tool is the record and track feature from Logitech so you will be able to record which keys are being used the most and even track your gaming progress.

• Track and Record
• Personalize your backlighting with 18.6 million color combinations
• Easy access media controls
• Ultra responsive Romer Mechanical Key Switches
• Customizable Function Keys

• Don’t have a USB port
• No replaceable key caps
• No detachable wrist rest

You can buy the Logitech G810 over at Amazon



Final Thoughts
Should you be in the market for a highly customizable keyboard than the Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum is worth considering? Yet with all the customizable features it lacks a few extras like USB ports, wrist rest and dedicated macro keys. Style, functionality, and high-performance keys are a few strengths that set the Logitech apart from its competitors.

Still one of our Best Mechanical Keyboards For Gaming is the Corsair K70 RGB Mechanical Keyboard with its Aircraft Grade Aluminum frame, textured and contoured FPS/MOBA keycap set, detachable wrist rest, and USB pass-through port. Should you be at a beginners level of gaming and need a keyboard that won’t break the bank then you should read our reviews on these inexpensive mechanical keyboards or these under $50 gaming keyboards. Please share this article with someone you know and don’t forget to leave a comment if you found this helpful.