Best Affordable Mechanical Keyboard Under 50 – Top 5 List

I get your situation, you want a very good mechanical keyboard for the ultimate gaming experience but you can only afford $50. Don’t worry; I may have a solution for you. I will show you some of the Best Affordable Mechanical Keyboard Under 50 that you can purchase today and even pocket some change. All of these mechanical keyboards on our list are below 50 bucks and you can start enjoying them today.

Without a doubt, having a proper keyboard for gaming can make a lot of difference. You don’t get to enjoy the whole PC gaming experience when you are using the standard keyboard. A mechanical keyboard is where the action and fun lies, there are no delays in transmission whatsoever.

The truth is that most people would love to own a mechanical keyboard but they don’t have the money for it. They simply cannot afford it either because they are a student or on a very low income, well that harsh!

We are giving you a lifeline today, we’ve done the hard part, we analyzed so many mechanical keyboards priced under $50 and collected the best. Below you will see some of these keyboards that you can get for under $50:

Top 5 List of the Best Affordable Mechanical Keyboards Under $50

SADES k9 Waterproof Gaming KeyboardAdjustable LED Backlight
19 Keys without conflict
Interchangeable "WASD" keys
Constructed with floating keycaps in Gray

1. CM Storm Devastator Mechanical Keyboard + Mouse


For under $50, you can get the “Cooler Master Devastator II LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Bundle”. It is certainly a great buy for that price. The keyboard itself actually works great; they offer a more tactile feel than your average keyboard. Even if you close your eyes and type, you’ll surely notice that this is indeed a mechanical keyboard. The keys are very responsive however they feel a little loud but that is not a problem for most users.

CM Storm Devastator comes with dedicated media buttons so you can easily switch songs or tune to the volume level you prefer. The whole unit is lightweight and durable as well.

As for the mouse, the company did a good job. It seem more like a $100 worth of mouse. You can get used to it within minutes. The company goes above and beyond to produce a mouse that everybody will certainly love.

It features three preset DPI levels (1000/1600/2000) which are great for serious gamers. The mouse also feature 2 thumb buttons along the left side and finally it has a rubber grips on both side of the mouse towards the front.

CM Storm Devastator boast of specially designed keys for enhanced tactile feedback, it has high-quality kb+m combo, laser engraved keys, highly responsive and accurate mouse, plus multiple colors to choose from. It is indeed a great buy at a little below $30

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DBPOWER just entered the game of making mechanical keyboards, but they have showed they are very serious about making a solid mechanical keyboard with their first release. You can buy them for just under $30.

DB-A8 comes with a full 104-key layout with 19-key rollover to make sure you never miss any keystrokes. The keys are very responsive and have a nice “clicky” feeling with a little bit tension. This affordable mechanical keyboard comes in 3 different colors. For each keyboard, you can set the colors to fade in and fade out (red, blue and a purple that could be argued as pink), you can as well adjust the brightness of the color.

The unit is feels well built and light to carry. Unlike some other keyboards at this price range, the keys easily do pop off with a little pressure and can be pushed back on with ease. The keys are raised and have a very good spring bounce to them.

DB-A8 is another perfect and affordable present for kids and children that play a lot of video games. They will definitely love it and with that price tag, you have nothing to lose.

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3. Redragon K552


Without any doubt, Redragon K552 is one of the best mechanical keyboards that you can get under $50. We are pretty surprised to see that this mechanical keyboard is selling for below 50 dollars considering all of the awesome features that comes with it.
For all intent and purposes, this keyboard is actually a mechanical keyboard and not “mechanical-feel keyboard”. You will actually experience that sweet “clickity clack” when using it. It has backlighting but not too bright, just the way it is supposed to be.

The keys are raised and have a good bounce. Because they are raised, you can easily clean crumbs that fall on it. The keys are very responsive and offer slightly more of a tactile feedback than the keys on other mechanical keyboard on this price range.

Redragon K552 boast of responsive keys, green mechanical switches, gold-plated USD, long life, laser engraved keys and they are very easy to use.

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4. TOMOKO 87


Tomoko brand is one of the latest entrants into the keyboard market but so far they have made a bold statement with their TOMOKO 87 mechanical keyboard. You can get this keyboard for just under $40.
The unit comes with blue switches that are designed for responsiveness, long life, and durability. The keys have an audible click sound, medium resistance, and tactile feedback. It does not have backlighting but the keyboard is a no frills keyboard with a manual switch.

The switches are made by Gaote, and they make a nice compliment to such an inexpensive keyboard. The keys perform similar in function like other higher-end brands.

TOMOKO 87 boasts of blue mechanical responsive switches, full NKRO, durable, lightweight, and a very comfortable keyboard.

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5. Razer DeathStalker Essential


The Razer DeathStalker Essential is a steal. It is one of the best gaming keyboards you can get under $50. It comes with 10-key rollover. Space bar registers even at the farthest edge and all keys are backlit. The keys are very responsive, it might take a bit of getting used to the style of keys, but you will definitely enjoy it.

The keys are built to last for a very long time. They have a nice tactile feel about them and sound almost like Cherry MX brown mechanical switches with .40mm o-rings.

Razer DeathStalker Essential is resilient to impacts and made to last for a very long time. The keys won’t rub off over time. It boasts of 10-key rollover and a low-profile keys laser engraved. It also has a comfortable wrist rest.

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Final Thoughts

Still, our favorite choice of gaming keyboard is the Corsair K70 RGB Mechanical Keyboard with Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame, USB Pass-Through Ports, Detachable Wrist Rest and FPS/MOBA Keycaps. You should also check out our review on these Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming which is featured in our top 3 list with almost 100 votes of people in the gaming industry. Don’t forget to check out these Best Affordable Mechanical Keyboards Under $50 that we’ve reviewed above. Please leave a comment if you found this helpful.