Top 8: Best VTech Educational Toy Laptops 2017 for Boys/Girls

Kids can single handedly destroy mom or dads Laptop whether it is the hardware or accidentally delete important documents you’ve been working on for ages. It’s always the best solution to give them something that they can call their own like one of these Best VTech Educational Toy Laptops 2017 for Boys/Girls.


Not only will these devices keep them busy for hours but will also offer a learning experience just like a real laptop. The market is over flooded with battery operated laptop toys so Techspotsolutions has rounded up the Best VTech Educational Toy Laptops 2017 for Boys/Girls to help with early mental and physical development while having hours of fun. Have a peek at our list of laptops for kids of all ages down below.


  1. VTech Tote and Go Laptop


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Let your kids explore endless hours of learning activities with the Tote and Go Laptop from VTech. This educational laptop offers over 20 fun learning activities each kid needs. Some of these features includes: learning number, letters, shapes, spelling, rhythms and more. The laptop also offers a full keyboard with easy to read buttons and a corded mouse just like the real deal. With the 3 adjustable sound levels settings you can be more comfortable knowing he/she gets the perfect sound for their tiny ears.


Furthermore the laptop can be connected to a real computer to download extra games, music and stories for endless activities. VTech also included a handle so your kid can carry it with them on road trips or a friend’s house.


  1. VTech’s Baby Learning Laptop


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The Baby Learning Laptop teaches the tiny tot the feeling of shapes and music. This smart learning toy comes in 2 colors (pink and blue) for boy and girl age 6 months to 3 years. This educational toy is packed with 90 sing-along songs, music, sound and fun phrases each toddler would love. The perfect size moveable mouse brings a new dimension to this fun toy producing a stronger hand grip to the little ones.


  1. VTech Brilliant Laptop


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This travel ready toy laptop teaches toddlers ages 6 months to 3 years early motor skills each kids need to adopt. Let them interact with 115 sing-along songs, melodies and phrases perfecting their early age vocabulary. While mom or dad is busy with their daily tasks kids will have blast learning animal sounds, explore colors and shapes with VTech’s Brilliant Laptop.


VTech’s Brilliant Laptop is also adopted with a moveable mouse to interact with the light-up screen. A chunky carry handle makes it fun and easy to carry the laptop around through the house and on the go. Give them the give of a VTech Brilliant Laptop.


  1. VTech Bear’s Baby Laptop


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Moving down our list of Best VTech Educational Toy Laptops 2017 for Boys/Girls we have the VTech Bear’s Baby Laptop. This baby laptop adopted Cora the bear who millions of children adore. This colorful laptop comes in two colors pink and non-pink to choose from. Bear’s baby laptop is the perfect fit for toddlers 0 to 3 years old. Infants will gain knowledge at an early stage identifying shapes, numbers and have fun singing along with the 40 sing-along songs the baby laptop has to offer.


The directional mouse that’s integrated into the laptop will help kids encourage interaction skills along with hand and eye directional movements. This pretend laptop toy features a durable design with an automatic shut down when not in use to preserve battery life.


  1. VTech Tote and Go Laptop with Web Connect


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The VTech Tote and Go Laptop with Web Connect are considered to be an upgrade of its predecessor the Tot and Go Laptop. This chunky kid’s laptop works like the real deal helping your kid to develop early computer skills. As far as our little ones is concerned if it is looking and working like the real deal then it is the real deal. This Tote and Go Web Connect Laptop boast a full keyboard and easy to read buttons for various games and activities. It also features a mini USB corded mouse that can be used on uneven surfaces.


Spur their young minds to interact with instrumental playing animals, colors, numbers and fun songs to sing along with. Young ones will also have the ability to differentiate between capitalized letters, identifying shapes, letters and improve their numeric intelligence. In addition parents can connect the Tote and Go Web connect Laptop to a PC to download even more games and activities.


So what makes this educational laptop toy so special? Integrated into this kids friendly laptop is the Net Pals Activity program which allows kids to socialize with animal by sending their furry friends postcards and even curate their own fish tank.


  1. VTech Disney Princess Sofia the First Learning Laptop


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Here’s is a laptop for your little princess in your house called the VTech Disney Princess Sofia the First Learning Laptop. This beautifully designed kid’s laptop will allow your baby daughter to learn like a princess.


This early development educational laptop features 12 princess games and 4 modes of interactive play teaching the little one numbers, phonics, math and music.  Sofia the First Learning Laptop makes games and activities fun with the animated LCD screen that provides a visual experience for kids.


The Sofia Princess Toy includes a carry handle making it fun to take along to road trips or a friend’s house. This beautiful crafted kid’s laptop is intended to be used for children between ages 2 – 5 years old.


  1. VTech Disney Cars Lighting McQueen Learning Laptop


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Who doesn’t love the movie sequel cars featuring the amazing Lighting McQueen? Well VTech incorporated Lighting McQueen transforming it into a Learning Laptop for kids. The laptop for kids is packed with fun playful activities that will keep them busy for hours. Further features include a QWERTY keyboard, an animated voice of Lighting McQueen, 30 learning activities teaching the little one numbers, words, math and logic.


The tired shaped mouse ads an additional element to this early development kids learning toy. This is definitely any kids dream to cruise the highway with the Lighting McQueen Learning Laptop.


  1. VTech Genius Notebook


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Last on our list of Best VTech Educational Toy Laptops 2017 for Boys/Girls is the VTech Genius Notebook. The Genius Notebook looks like the real deal with an animated LCD screen and real mouse. This real like notebook engages kids with fun learning activities like music, math, vocabulary, phonic and much more.


It’s adopted with a Built-in Learning Progress System encouraging kid’s repeat and independent play. Some disappointing factors of the VTech Genius Notebook are the non-qwerty keyboard and the screen size is not well lit but overall this shouldn’t be much off a factor. This toy notebook is recommended for kids 4 – 12 years of age.


Final Thoughts

This brings us to our end of our list of Best VTech Educational Toy Laptops for Boys/Girls. All these Educational Toys like these previously reviewed Top 5: Hand and Eye Coordination Toys for Kids is extremely important to help with social, physical and mental health. It is therefore important to help each kid/toddler to develop these skill set such as motor skills, numeric skills and vocabulary skills at an early stage in their lives.

Top 8: Best Spill Proof Keyboards 2017 for Windows Reviewed

You have probably noticed by now just how dirty your keyboard looks and are afraid to give it a hand wash, afraid that the keyboard might malfunction. Or maybe you have decided to upgrade your outdated non-waterproof keyboard to a washable keyboard that has a hand wash safe design. As a matter of fact we’ve just spent some time searching for the Best Spill Proof Keyboards 2017 for you to have a hygienically clean keyboard (with washable we don’t recommend that you drown the keyboard in water). This list contains 8 Spill Proof keyboards for Windows and as always only the best has been picked to fulfill your specific needs.


  1. Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 for Windows PC


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Spill Proof Keyboards 2017 for Windows Reviewed


Here we have the washable keyboard K310 from Logitech. It is designed for Window Operating Systems. This K310 is engraved with cutting edge laser printed UV/Coating keys for years of typing without losing image quality. The contemporary design fits any desktop space while driving a beautiful outline thanks to the thin profile the keyboard has to offer.


The coating on top of the keyboard also offers a scratch resistant surface. Also available is 12 multimedia keys to access certain functions like calculator, e-mail, play/pause and even set the keyboard to sleep with a touch of a button.


This full size keyboard works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The keyboard provides a solid typing experience while angled upwards through the raised feet at the bottom. In a sense the keyboard look and feels great but with drain holes at the bottom you will be able to clean it with making it look and feel like new.


It is advised to use hand wash cleaning methods only (do not dish wash or submerge more than 30 cm under water). Allow the Logitech K310 washable keyboard to dry for approximately 8 hours using room temperature.


  • Scratch resistant
  • Adjustable legs
  • Washable
  • Thin profile


  1. V7 Full-Size Spill Resistant USB Keyboard for Windows


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Best Spill Proof Keyboards 2017 for Windows Reviewed

Another excellent performer at an affordable price tag is the V7 Spill Resistant USB Keyboard. The keyboard has all the basic features like profile design, curved key caps, quiet typing etc. The V7 is a no frills no fuss keyboard and works with most Windows operating systems like Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP. The plug and play function makes it easy for installation especially for those who are not tech savvy.


The full size 104 keyboard layouts with the stylish black color complement any contemporary desktop setup. Also available is the Combo Package Deal (keyboard and mouse) for those who like to have matching colors and there are even the option to go wireless if you don’t want to be stuck at the desktop.


The V7 has a spill resistant design, multimedia keys for on the fly access to specific functions; adjustable tilt legs and comes with a one year warranty.


  • Spill Resistant
  • Multimedia keys
  • Low profile keys
  • Robust design


  1. Gigabyte Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set


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Best Spill Proof Keyboards 2017

The Gigabyte Keyboard and Mouse Set is a good option for students or even typist who is looking for a combo deal without breaking the bank. This reasonably priced combo deal offers a precise optimal mouse tracking system with an 800 DPI setting.


The ergonomically designed mouse fits both hands extremely well. The mouse has a left and right button with scroll button for fast navigation through pages. The Gigabyte mouse is very responsive and easy to use.


Both Keyboard and Mouse use a reliable USB connector for fast data transfer between PC and mouse and keyboard. The keyboard is designed to be spill resistant for those unplanned beverage spills. No setup is required to start working on the keyboard and mouse set.


  • Full size keyboard
  • Multimedia keys
  • Spill resistant design
  • Ergonomic mouse


  1. Logitech Keyboard K120


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Top 8: Best Spill Proof Keyboards 2017 for Windows Reviewed


The Logitech K120 is a keyboard that I recommend to anyone who is searching for a budget friendly keyboard with a quiet typing performance. The keyboard features a slim sleek design for a comfortable typing experience in any situation.


The Logitech K120 offers so much more than just a keyboard. This beautiful crafted design complements any desktop setup with its easy to read keys and Logitech’s Reliable Quality Standards.


With all the beauty comes even more features like the adjustable tilt legs beneath the K120 for a much better typing posture and typing experience reducing wrist fatigue. Enjoy the whisper quiet keys underneath your fingertips as each character pressed register at full throttle.


The Logitech K120 is a full size keyboard with number pad for easy number crunching. With a 3 year warranty the keyboard works flawless with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Linux, and Linux kernel 2.6+. This keyboard would have been exceptional if there was an option for a detachable wrist rest but at this price point at doesn’t seem like a big deal.


  • Low profile keys
  • Spill Resistant
  • Full size F-keys and Number pad
  • Works with Windows Based and Linux Operating Systems


  1. IOGEAR Spill Resistant Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo


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Top 8: Best Spill Proof Keyboards 2017 for Windows Reviewed

Another water repellent keyboard for typing is the IOGEAR Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo making it to our top 8 list of Best Spill Proof Keyboards 2017 for Windows. This keyboard and mouse set is like the typical keyboard and mouse with most of the features the normal keyboard and mouse combo has to offer.


The keyboard comes with a full size key set and multimedia features. It doesn’t require any software to start working and has a convenient LED status indicator. The keyboard is made from ABS plastic with a bit of flex to it. The water repellent design help protect the keyboard from accidental spills and splashes.


The wired IOGEAR mouse has a DPI setting of 800 with great cursor performance. Even though this is your average optical mouse it has a nice ergonomic design and good click feedback from the buttons.


The colors of the mouse are a nice black and grey complementing a contemporary desktop setup. The IOGEAR Combo comes at a reasonable price while both keyboard and mouse performance extremely well under heavy workloads.


  • Spill resistant
  • Curve space bar
  • Full size keyboard lay out
  • Optical sensor mouse with 800 DPI


  1. Anker CB310 Water Resistant and Whisper Quiet Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


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Top 8: Best Spill Proof Keyboards 2017 for Windows Reviewed

Yet another amazing product which contains a keyboard and mouse combo is the water resistant wireless keyboard and mouse from Anker. The Anker logo is noticeable on both keyboard and mouse for instant identification. The keyboard is designed to work flawlessly on Windows based computers. One unified receiver works for both keyboard and mouse to save USB ports for other USB devices.


The Anker keyboard has a sleek profile with ergonomic palm rest attached. The independent hot and multimedia keys are just a touch of a button away for easy access to specific functions such as play/pause, email, calculator and browsing.


Anker also included a power saving mode which goes on after 15 minutes of inactivity. No need to get worried when accidental beverages is spilled on the water proof keyboard.


Track movements at your own discretion with the smart optical mouse with 3 DPI settings to choose from 1000/1500/2000. The Anker wireless mouse is also integrated with customizable features to custom set the mouse buttons through Anker’s downloadable driver.


This smart optical mouse with its 4 power level energy mode saves power in any situation which helps reduce battery cost. So better cut the cord and reduce clutter with Anker’s CB310 Water Resistant Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo.


  • Whisper quiet keyboard
  • Sleek water resistant keyboard
  • Power saving mode
  • Anker mouse with 3 DPI settings
  • Customizable buttons
  • 18 Month warranty


  1. SROCKER C500 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for PC


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Top 8: Best Spill Proof Keyboards 2017 for Windows Reviewed

The SROCKER C500 comes in 3 basic colors (black, pink and white) to choose from. The wireless keyboard and mouse is adopted with 2.4 GHz technology making the wireless connection between PC and keyboard and mouse reliable.


The advanced ergonomically designed SROCKER C500 keyboard brings a good overall typing experience to the office through adjusting the keyboard height with the tilted feet reducing the force on the wrist. This robust keyboard has chocolate suspension keycaps that produce a soft whisper quiet click for any office environment. The most important feature is the water proof design for those unexpected beverage spills.


Included in this package deal is the SROCKER C500 Wireless Mouse with 3 adjustable DPI level settings. The mouse also has a nice curve designed for better grip. Due to its chocolate suspension key caps the mouse has a 95% lesser noise level than most other wireless mice.


  • Advanced 2.4 wireless technology
  • 10 m Wireless Range
  • Water proof design
  • Mouse with 3 adjustable DPI settings
  • 95% Noiseless than an ordinary mouse


  1. 107-Key Spill Proof USB Keyboard for Windows


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Top 8: Best Spill Proof Keyboards 2017 for Windows Reviewed

Last on our Top 8: List of Best Spill Proof Keyboards 2017 for Windows is the 107-Key Windows Keyboard by Gear Head. This is the cheapest keyboard on our list with a quiet type technology, spill resistant and 3 ACPI Power Management Key. This is obviously not the best keyboard out there but I would consider it as a backup keyboard in the event your exciting keyboard decides to breathe its last breath.


Final Thoughts


This brings us to our final conclusion which you’ve been waiting for. This Top 8: Best Spill Proof Keyboards 2017 has everything that every typist need from: Wireless, wired, combo sets, water resistant design, and ergonomic design with whisper quiet typing key sets. The list also contains mid budget to low budget cost for those who are on a budget. Should you be in the market for something more flexible then I would suggest reading our review on the Top 5: Best Waterproof Bluetooth Foldable Keyboards 2017 and for gamers we have these Top 5: Best Waterproof Gaming Keyboards 2017 under $100.

Top 5: Best Product Reviews from UtechSmart – Upgraded Saturn Keyboard, Venus Mouse and Many More

UtechSmart offers people the highest quality gaming products while embracing the needs of each customer they service. Their product lines get constantly updated with the latest technology while attempting and maintaining the strictest of high-quality standards of each product leaving the production line. Some of these gaming peripherals that we will be reviewing from UtechSmart are the upgraded version of the Saturn Keyboard, UtechSmart Venus 16400 Gaming Mouse, and UtechSmart USB 2.0 to 10 /100 Fast Ethernet LAN Wired Network Adapter, Bluetooth Adapter, and the USB Card Reader.


1. UtechSmart Saturn Marquee Gaming Keyboard with Backlit


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Top 5: Best Product Reviews from UtechSmart – Upgraded Saturn Keyboard, Venus Mouse and Many More
So if you guys are looking for a great cheap gaming keyboard then I would definitely recommend the upgraded version of the Saturn Gaming Keyboard. Even though the keyboard is such an inexpensive gaming delight it surely brings a lot of features to the table. You will probably first check the build quality of upon receiving but let’s just say you won’t be disappointed. It’s built with a decent plastic housing producing a bit of flex to it when bending.
You will also notice a non-removable wrist rest to it and while this may be a discomfort to some especially gamers I think typist would just love the extra feature especially for those long typing marathons that lead to wrist and hand fatigue. On the bottom, we have the small raises with anti-slip feet that work extremely well during gaming.
The keys feature a soft touch coating while the membrane keys ensure for a good overall tactile response. However, the membrane keys might take some time getting used to especially when coming from a mechanical keyboard. The Saturn Keyboard also offers a ton of other features like:
Media control keys to access media functions on the fly and a Windows lock key for possible gameplay interruptions. Adjustable multi-color backlit LED, breathing capabilities, and automatic breathing transitions. The Saturn Keyboard even has interchangeable direction and WASD keys something that you don’t expect from a low budget keyboard. In my opinion, the Saturn Keyboard has more lighting customization settings than bigger and more expensive gaming keyboards.
Now you might ask yourself what makes this keyboard so special, well at the bottom you will find 10 drain holes allowing spilled beverages to drain through making the Saturn Keyboard waterproof. Overall this is an impressive budget gaming keyboard that will satisfy your gaming/typing need.


2. UtechSmart Venus 16400 MMO High Precision Laser Mouse


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Top 5: Best Product Reviews from UtechSmart – Upgraded Saturn Keyboard, Venus Mouse and Many More
The Venus 16400 MMO Laser Mouse looks like some tech gadget from outer space, but don’t get fool this is one of the UtechSmart top performing products currently on the market. Overall build quality is good even though this MMO mouse weighs as little as 150g without the weights. You can increase the weight of the mouse by placing extra weights in weight storing department which is located underneath the mouse. The mouse is nicely ergonomically shaped with a nice soft rubber surface for extra grip.
The Venus gaming mouse is fitted with a high precision laser mouse making moving across any surface like a breath of fresh air. The mouse also comes with adjustable DPI settings of 16400 but doesn’t mean the higher the DPI the better tracking you will get or even a better sensor quality. In my experience for best tracking gamers prefers a DPI setting of 800/1000. Included in the package is an extra set of Teflon feet in case the existing pair wears off.
There are also 18 programmable buttons on the Venus MMO Mouse, 12 which is located on the right side for a unified click. Each of these 12 buttons provides a tactile click while the front 6 buttons will be comfortable to click the 3 furthest buttons will need some grip adjustment for an effective click.
Each of the 5 profiles can be saved using the software provided with the mouse and each profile has their own 5 DPI settings. The profile colors can be set to different colors like red, purple, blue, yellow or green to choose from. The mouse is incredibly beautiful and designed to fit nicely in the palm of your hand. Make sure to check out our other gaming mouse reviews for competitive FPS gaming.


3. UtechSmart USB 3.0 Multi-in-One 4-Slots Card Reader


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The USB 3.0 Card Reader allows for faster data transfer between PC and memory card (transfer rates is subject to the speed of the memory card). Thus said the card reader won’t improve speeds of a 2.0 memory card itself. Upon installation, you should see a flashing LED light confirming the device is in working order. The UtechSmart USB 3.0 card reader is compatible with various SD cards which require an adapter for the card to fit in. The card is BUS powered and doesn’t require any external power supply in order to work.


4. UtechSmart Bluetooth Adapter


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Bluetooth adapters are so small it can easily get lost when taken out of the USB port. When this occurs you might deem your wireless keyboard and mouse useless unless you get a Bluetooth adapter with the same frequency range as your old one. With the UtechSmart Bluetooth adapter, you can safely use your existing wireless keyboard and mouse.
The UtechSmart USB 4.0 Micro Adapter with its compact design is small enough to leave in your laptop when traveling while using the latest Bluetooth technology v4.0. This adapter is even compatible with older Bluetooth equipment. It also supports different operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 10, Raspberry Pi and Linux with a wireless range of up to 10 meters.


5. UtechSmart USB 2.0 TO 10/100 Fast Ethernet LAN Wired Network Adapter


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The UtechSmart Fast Ethernet LAN Wired Network Adapter add a faster network wired interface to supported computers, mobile devices, and consoles which run network cable operating systems. No driver is needed to install and the device is powered by the USB port with two blinking LED’s showing power and link activity.
The Wired LAN Network Adapter works seamlessly on Windows 7, Vista, and Windows 8. It is also workable on earlier types of Windows like Windows 2000, XP, ME and 98 but requires an installation of the drivers through download or the disk. This Wired LAN Network Adapter is useful for replacing a broken network port using the typical 802.11 wireless network and provides 2-3 faster transfer speeds.


Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of UtechSmart Best Perform Products which include: the upgraded Saturn Keyboard, UtechSmart Venus High Precision Laser Mouse, USB 3.0 4 Slots Card Reader, UtechSmart USB Bluetooth 4.0 Micro Adapter and UtechSmart USB Ethernet Lan Wired Network Adapter.

Top 7: Best Ultra Light Keyboard and Mouse Sets 2017 for Typists

A keyboard is only as good as the person working on it, but as long as it is certain specifications that one needs in order to perform certain tasks such in the most convenient way possible than you need to start digging deeper finding the most best possible keyboard and mouse combo set. Typists always look for a certain criteria in keyboards especially the ones that need a keyboard for transcription of documents or speed typing. These criteria involve but not limited to weight, wireless, wired, color combinations, low profile keys and portability. Our researchers have done all the heavy lifting for you by putting together a compelling list of the Best Ultra Light Keyboard and Mouse Sets 2017 for the typing enthusiast.


  1. JOYACCESS Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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Our list begin with the JOYACCESS Wireless Keyboard and Mouse with a perfect fashion rosy gold finish to complement any standard black or white desktop set. You can enjoy a comfortable typing experience with the low profile keys and reduce wrist and hand fatigue by using the pull out feet underneath the keyboard. With the JOYACCESS Keyboard and mouse you can work in absolute silents without disturbing anyone around you. The keyboard and mouse uses a 2.4 wireless technology with a connection of up to 10 meters so you can be comfortable working away from the computer that may lead to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).


The mouse use a standard optical sensor for precious tracking while it also features different DPI settings to choose from 800/1000/1600. Overall this plug and play combo set (mouse and keyboard) get our badge for best color combination.

Wireless Keyboards and Mouse Combo JOYACCESS Full-size Whisper-quiet Compact wireless Keyboard MouseWhisper quiet typing
Compact and slim keyboard
Multi-media hot keys
3 Adjustable DPI levels


  1. AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard and Mouse Bundle Pack


Check Price and Availability


This well known wired keyboard and mouse bundle pack is one of the cheapest keyboards and mice combo sets available on the market. Even though this wired bundle set is so affordable that doesn’t mean that it is sort on features such as multimedia keys, comfortable typing experience and a reliable mouse.


The AmazonBasics Keyboard is slimmer than most wired and wireless keyboard and yet it is durable with a sleek design with a full number keypad for calculations. Complementing the stylish looking keyboard is the low profile keys for a quiet and responsive type. The keyboard is also integrated with dedicated keys such as volume control, mute, calculator and mute.


Navigate quickly through your work with the precious tracking optical mouse. The mouse has a DPI setting of 1000 enabling responsive cursor control. The Basics Amazon Mouse comes with 3 buttons left/right button and scroll button. This AmazonBasics Keyboard and Mouse Bundle is a great combo set for those who need a basic keyboard and mouse that works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. This mouse set gets our approval for cheapest keyboard and mouse combo.

AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard and Wired Mouse Bundle Pack Low-profile keys
Simple wired USB connection
High-definition (1000 dpi) optical tracking


  1. Dell KM 117 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


Check Price and Availability


You won’t have single disappointing experience when you get your hands on the Dell KM 117 Keyboard and Mouse. Enjoy the wireless connection of up to 10 meters in range connecting the nano size dongle for both keyboard and mouse. The keyboard features chiclet style keys with minimum travel distance.


The keyboard itself is robust and don’t leave any finger marks on the keys. The design of the keyboard is somewhat ergonomic and even though it don’t have pull out feet this don’t seems to be a big of a deal breaker. To save battery life the keyboard automatically switches off when not in use and wakes up as soon as you start typing.


The combo deal also includes a standard mouse for effortless scrolling and just like the keyboard the mouse automatically switches off when not in use to preserve battery life. The Dell combo mouse and keyboards comes in 4 different models KM 117, KM 636, KM 714 and KM 717 to choose from. If you need a no frills keyboard and mouse then these models are the perfect packages at the right price.

Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard & MouseWireless connectivity
Plug & play with multimedia keys
Up to 10m operations with robust wireless performance.


  1. OfficeTec Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo


Check Price and Availability


Moving along our list of Best Ultra Light Keyboard and Mouse Sets 2017 is the OfficeTec Keyboard and Mouse Set. Build quality of the keyboard is phenomenal especially for a low budget keyboard. It’s made out of an attractive faux carbon fiber reducing the ability to attract finger marks. The low profile keys features a quiet typing experience with a good overall key press.


The 2.4 GHz wireless connection ensures for the perfect connection between keyboard and nano receiver and mouse and USB nano receiver. The 9 multimedia shortcut keys forms parts of accessing certain functions on the fly which includes music, e-mail, internet, play/pause and calculator. Depending on user conditions battery life can function up to 18 months for both keyboard and mouse on a single fully charge set of 4 AAA batteries.


In my opinion the wireless mouse is worth the entire combo set. The ergonomically designed wireless mouse has 5 buttons for page up/page down, scroll wheel, left/right button and even a DPI switch on top. The mouse fits perfectly in any size hand while the DPI can be set for 800/1000/1200 for adjusting mouse cursor sensitivity. Unlike the keyboard the mouse even has its own on/off switch for when not in use.


Both keyboard and mouse is compatible with Widows 7, 8, Vista, XP, Windows 10 and even Smart TV’s with the exception that the TV has a USB input for the mini nano receiver. The OfficeTec is overall worth every penny especially the multi function wireless mouse.

OfficeTec Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo (KB101) Reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connection
Long battery life
Nine hot keys
5-Button optical mouse
800/1000/1200 DPI switch


  1. Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo


Check Price and Availability


The Logitech MK270 is number 5 on our List of Best Ultra Light Keyboard and Mouse Sets 2017 with a full size key set which include keyboard, mouse and mini nano receiver. Logitech don’t need introduction into the world of hardware peripherals because Logitech has become a household name in every aspect we can think of. It’s no wonder that the Logitech MK270 is one of the best sellers when it comes to these Keyboard and Mouse Combo Sets.


The keyboard itself has a full size key set with number pad, directional arrows, and multimedia keys. Build quality of the Logitech combo set is done with the best craftsmanship possible. Feature 8 shortcut keys for instant access to movies, music, e-mail, volume control and play/pause at a touch away.


A reliable 2.4 GHz connection is available connecting mouse and keyboard with the nano receiving as soon as it is plugged into the computer USB port. This wireless connection gives you a range of up to 1o meters providing you the ability to work away from the computer. With an extended battery life of up to 36 months for the keyboard and 12 months for the mouse depending on computing conditions.


The compact mouse is designed to eliminate hand and wrist fatigue for those long working hours. It is also small enough to fit in a purse while traveling. The mouse is very standard and don’t come with much features like DPI and multiple buttons like the OfficeTec wireless mouse.

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse ComboAll-in-one setup
Plug and play
Long battery life
Reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connection


  1. Jelly Combo MK09 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


Check Price and Availability


The Jelly Combo MK09 works right out of the box with drivers that automatically install when paring takes place upon inserting the mini nano receiver. The sleek and beautiful design complements any existing computer setup perfectly.


The pull out feet underneath the keyboard provides for a better typing experience reducing the ability to experience hand and wrist fatigue. Both keyboard and mouse connects to one USB receiver over a 2.4 GHz connection. The Jelly Combo is a no frills keyboards with a beautiful integrated color combination.

Jelly Comb MK09 Wireless Keyboard and MouseKeys customized for Windows
Low profile whisper-quiet keys
One USB receiver for both keyboard and mouse
Reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connection


  1. Anker CB310 Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard and Mouse with Water-Resistant and Whisper Quiet Keyboard


Check Price and Availability


Last on our list of Best Ultra Light Keyboard and Mouse Sets 2017 is the Anker Keyboard and Mouse Set with Water-Resistant design. This is definitely our favorite combo set with all the features in above mentioned keyboard and mouse reviews with some extras such as a palm rest and a water resistant design. The wireless keyboard with its silky design produces a whisper quiet typing experience while the palm rest cradles your wrists reducing typing fatigue. The unified nano receiver works for both keyboard and mouse saving extra USB ports for other peripherals.


The wireless mouse is perfectly crafted with 3 adjustable DPI settings to choose from. These DPI settings can be adjusted between 1000/1500/2000. Another exciting feature is the ability is to customize the programmable buttons to your specific needs which can be done through the downloadable driver.


In addition to all the benefits there is also a 4 level energy savings mode to reduce power to save battery life. Anker is also providing an 18 month warranty and committed to a 100% customer satisfaction.

Anker CB310 Full-Size Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Desktop Sleek keyboard profile
Ergonomic palm rest
Independent multimedia keys
Mouse: 3 Adjustable DPI level
Programmable buttons


Final Thoughts


This brings us to the end of our Top 7: Best Ultra Light Keyboards and Mouse Sets 2017 that we’ve reviewed above.  Hopefully you’ve found something within your budget and taste that can lead to a better performing typing experience burning the midnight oil. You can read our previous reviews on these Best Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming or even get one of these Best Computer Speakers 2017 to complement your new mouse and combo set.

Top 5: Best Waterproof Bluetooth Foldable Keyboards in 2017

Portable, flexible, washable, chargeable and even wireless is just some of the main features we’ve discovered researching this Top 5: Best Waterproof Bluetooth Foldable Keyboards in 2017.  Whether you’re a student, physician, professor or working in a library these keyboards offers a silent typing experience in environments that need absolute silents.

Top 5: Best Waterproof Bluetooth Foldable Keyboards in 2017

Best Waterproof Bluetooth  Foldable Keyboards in 2017


  1. CHINFAI Silicone Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Keyboard


Check Price and Availability


Turn your Apple iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPad mini 2 or 3 and even you’re Amazon Fire HD in a mini computer with the CHINFAI wireless Bluetooth keyboard. It’s designed to be waterproof, dustproof, flexible and portable for easy travel without the worries to get damaged in luggage.


The keyboard has a build-in Lithium battery for cable recharge and can operate for hours on a single charge. FDA approved materials is used to manufacture the CHANFAI Waterproof Bluetooth Keyboard making it environmental and kids friendly.


Pairing the keyboard with other devices is easy and you don’t need any special software to start working on this silent type keyboard. Due to its flexibility the keyboard has no feet to elevate for an angle typing experience. The CHINFAI comes in 3 different colors pink, blue and black to choose from.

CHINFAI Silicone Wireless Keyboard Portable Flexible Foldable mini KeyboardWaterproof and foldable bluetooth keyboard
Soft and silent designed
fit for iPad mini/iPad mini 2/iPad mini 3/Apple iPad Air/iPhone 6/iPhone 6 plus/Samsung tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 4/Amazon Fire HD and so on
Built-in lithium battery
Waterproof bluetooth keyboard, CHINFAI Silicone Wireless Keyboard Portable Flexible Foldable mini Keyboard


  1. LinDon-Tech Flexible Wireless Waterproof Roll-up Bluetooth Keyboard


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The LinDon Wireless Roll-up Bluetooth Keyboard is smaller than the average keyboard with a length of 10’’ and width of 3.5’’. With the use of advance Bluetooth technology connection to different devices such as iPad’s, Tablets and Windows operating systems connectivity is effortless. The keyboard uses a build-in Lithium battery for recharge capabilities which can last up to a couple of days on a single charge. The connection distance between the LinDon Waterproof Keyboard and the receiver is around 10 meters.


Typing on a roll-up keyboard whether it is the LinDon or any other silicone keyboard can sometimes be frustrating especially when keys do not register that’s why it’s important to have a firm press in the middle of the keys to register.


The lifespan of the LinDon Roll-up Waterproof Keyboard is about 5 million keystrokes and has a build-in energy saving mode to preserve battery life. Choose between black, pink or red to compliment your device.

LinDon-Tech Pretty Portable Flexible Wireless Waterproof Washable Silicone Roll-up Bluetooth KeyboardBuilt-in rechargeable battery
Washable and hygienic
Super light
Compatible with Windows/Android/IOS
LinDon-Tech Pretty Portable Flexible Wireless Waterproof Washable Silicone Roll-up Bluetooth Keyboard


  1. iWerkz Waterproof Folding Bluetooth Keyboard


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The iWerkz easily pairs with Bluetooth enabled devices which also includes iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Smartphone’s. The foldable designed keyboard is waterproof for those unpleasant spilled surprises that one may encounter. The protective case doubles as a stand for your Tablets or Smartphone’s. The keyboard’s layout is a bit different from the typical keyboard and can take a while to get used to when typing.


Up to 4 hours is recommended for a full charge using the USB cable that is provided with the waterproof keyboard and protective case. A typical full charged Lithium Battery can last up to 3 days depending on the time used. Furthermore the iWerkz Waterproof Bluetooth Keyboard has a standby period of up to 30 days when not in use.


The iWerkz keyboard should be used on a flat steady surface when pressing the keys otherwise you will have a difficult time registering the keys. Should you need a portable waterproof keyboard companion than the iWerkz will make a great accessory for most Bluetooth enabled devices?

Waterproof Folding Bluetooth Keyboard
Pairs with Bluetooth®-enabled devices
Protective case doubles as a stand
Waterproof & dustproof
46-Hour run time
Waterproof Folding Bluetooth Keyboard, Rechargeable, Compatible with iOS and Andriod devices


  1. 1byone Folding Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


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The 1byone Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard works with any Bluetooth enabled device as long as it supports Bluetooth 3.0 and above. Supported devices includes but not limited to Amazon Fire Stick, Rasperri PI, Amazon ire TV, Kindle Fire and PS4.


This mini keyboard is foldable with a “V” shape design reducing hand fatigue while performing extensive hours of typing. The keyboard is ultra-thin, ultra-light, portable and foldable making it small enough to fit in your trouser’s pocket or small hand bag.


The ibyone is probably the lightest mini keyboard available on the market with a weight of 176g and a folded size of 6.2’’ *4’’*0.5’’ and when unfolded 12.9’’*4’’*0.23’’. It takes about 2 hours for full battery charge which can last for up to 40 hours of continuous use and a standby mode of up to 30 days. The mini wireless keyboard is wrapped in high end leather giving it a fashionable design with super tactile texture. Bluetooth connectivity is reachable for up to 33ft.

1byone Folding Bluetooth Keyboard,Portable Bluetooth Mini Wireless KeyboardErgonomic Design
Ultra Portable
Long-lasting Battery
PU leather, with super tactile texture and fashionable design
Signal distance up to 33ft (10m).
1byone Folding Bluetooth Keyboard,Portable Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard


  1. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard for iPad, iPhone, Android Devices and Windows Tablets


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Probably the most expensive foldable mini keyboards on the market. Like we all know is Microsoft a high quality brand and don’t fall victim to low quality products. Well there is no exception to this rule with the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard that is making it way on our Top 5: Best Waterproof Foldable Bluetooth Mini Keyboards in 2017. The keyboard consists of a full size key set and also provides fast and accurate typing experience. This Universal foldable keyboard can pair up to 2 devices simultaneously.


The mini keyboard has a nice fresh looking design, comfortable to carry around and uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology that makes it consuming less power than devices that uses 3.0 Bluetooth technologies. With a full recharge the battery can last up to 3 months of usage so you don’t have to worry of charging the battery for extensive periods of time.


Easily connect and disconnect the Bluetooth connection by simply open or closing the Microsoft Foldable Keyboard.  Together with the water repellent keyset and fabric the mini keyboard is designed to be spill resistant.

Microsoft Universal Foldable KeyboardWorks across devices
Ultra-thin and lightweight
utilizing latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology
Spill-resistant design
Rechargeable battery provides up to three months of usage
Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard for iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and Windows tablets



Final Thoughts


Roll-up keyboards is probably most affordable keyboards because there is not much mechanical hardware that goes into the production of these keyboards. It’s recommended to clean these Best Waterproof Bluetooth Foldable Keyboards in 2017 that we’ve reviewed above with some soaked alcohol wipes or wiping them with water based materials.


These mini keyboards not only provide for better portability but reduce clutter while cutting the cords like these mechanical keyboards. These mini keyboards are not designed for gaming that’s why we recommend these Gaming Keyboards for gamers.