AULA Sapphire Inexpensive Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

If you are looking for Comfortable, Modern Design Inexpensive Mechanical Gaming Keyboard to replace your outdated silicone dome switch keyboard than I recommend the AULA Sapphire Gaming Keyboard with blue switches.

This is a no frills no fuss mechanical switch keyboard, which not only performs exceptionally well under extreme enemy attacks but is also affordable and it has a nice modern design to it. The AULA Sapphire inexpensive gaming keyboard is a must have for pro gamers, programmers, and even typist.



The multimedia wired gaming keyboard with blue switches is made from high quality reinforced hardened plastic. So chances of accidental breaks are almost impossible. The keyboard also features shortcut function keys for a more user-friendly design.

The shortcut keys include play, pause, and stop, forward and backward for easy access to your favorite music or movies. The keyboard weights at 2.6 lbs and is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and Windows Vista. Drivers automatically detect when connected to the PC.

Custom Backlit and Key Switches

For pro gamers and programmers, the blue switches offer noticeable speed improvements with a key force of 60 + 10g. The key press is a bit quiet but fast enough and responsive for gaming. With the backlit custom settings, you’ll be able to customize this inexpensive mechanical gaming keyboard to your preference.

Lighting can be adjusted through different settings and colors like blue, red, purple, slow pulsing, low and high. Furthermore, these settings are right enough for gamers or programmers who like to burn the midnight oil.



Helping to combat hand fatigue the ALUA Sapphire Gaming Keyboard comes with a wrist rest offering maximum comfort during those long gameplay sessions. The Lock/Unlock Windows function key assures distraction-free gameplay.

• User-friendly function keys
• Low profile Blue Switches
• Wrist rest
• Lock/Unlock Windows function key
• Custom back-lighting

• No USB Pass-through
• Re-positioning of the Return/ENTER key

The AULA Gaming Keyboard is Available over at Amazon

Final Thoughts

The AULA Sapphire is an inexpensive mechanical gaming keyboard with more than 2300 customer reviews since its launch over at Amazon. I highly recommend this keyboard for those who are looking for a gaming keyboard with enough features to maximize gameplay but not overpriced.

Searching through thousands of Mechanical Gaming Keyboard reviews can sometimes be frustrating and then you end up choosing the wrong one. For gaming keyboards under 100 dollars and keyboards under 50 dollars or maybe you like to relax on your sofa then you may be interested in these long-range wireless keyboards.