Audio To MP3 Using Windows Media Player

Converting Audio To MP3 don’t sound so difficult, but trust me sometimes and even I tend to forget some basic steps that needs to be taken to do a certain function like converting a simple file to a certain format., but what I learned is if done correctly it’s a set and forget method.
Most of DVD players have the ability to play MP3 and DVD files, if it is a car stereo or a home stereo player. What makes this so cool is the fact that a MP3 file is compressed to a smaller size so that a normal 700MB CD has the ability to have more than 100 songs to be written on it. The reason most people convert Audio to MP3 is to put multiple CD’s onto a single disk.
In this straight forward article I’ll show you exactly step by step how this is done through Windows Media Player, File Factory and another awesome program called Sothink Video Converter.


Converting Audio to MP3 Using Windows Media Player (Windows 7)

1. Press Start Button and navigate to All Programs.
2. Press All Programs and a pop up will appear, scroll to Media Player and click on it.
3. The Media Player Window should appear, scroll to organize and click on it.
4. Another smaller pop up will appear, scroll down to options where you can select the type of file conversion that U want.
5. In the option window you’ll see multiple smaller tabs on top of the navigation bar. Select the Rip Music Tab and scroll down to format.
6. Click the down arrow and select the MP3 format.
7. Make sure that the Rip CD Automatically highlighted, this function will rip the Audio CD automatically to MP3.
8. Click Apply and OK.
Depending on the output setting that U may select the default option will let the ripped CD straight to the Libraries Folder. You’ll find the converted Audio to MP3 file in the sub-menu called Music.


Using Format Factory

With Format Factory you’ll be able to do much more than just Converting Audio to MP3. This software application will give you the ability to convert Video, Audio, Pictures, Rom Devices and it’s got a Advanced Tab for special functions like joining Video and Audio files.

Video Files That You’ll Be Able to Convert is:


Audio Files includes:


Picture Files That You’ll Be Able to Convert is:



Using Sothink Video Converter

Sothink Video Converter gives you the ability to convert HD Video files, Audio files, PSP Files, Apple Files, XBOX Files and, Flash Files and more. Sothink Video Converter is easy to use and you get a Free Version and a Pro Version which is a paid version.
With Sothink Video Converter you can choose the specific output settings that you desire example, video quality, zooming preference, audio quality and video dimension. You’ll even have the option to see the video file while been converter in the Video Preview Window.

A nice feature of this Converter is the ability to let all files convert simultaneously (this will use more processing power) or just one at a time.

Currently there is hundreds of converters on the market that maybe better suited for you, but from my personal experience I can recommend using these programs.



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